About the Magic Melody family

1. Camila Melodía

First Name: Camila
Last Name: Melodía
Age: 20
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: dark fushia
Height: 5'6"(167cm)with shoes / 5'3" (160cm) without shoes
Birthday: May 27 (day of her release xD)

She is a 20 year old UTAU character, for the song synthetizer UTAU, that is able to sing in Japanese, English and Spanish. She is cool, calm and collected and offers her advice whenever possible.
You can see a full picture of her here.
Note: Camila is a cyber fairy 8D

Camilo Adagio (g+15)
First Name: Camilo
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camila's cousin of the same age, same hair and eye color. His birthday is June 3 and he's 5'7"(170cm) tall. To get his voice the gender factor is g+15. You can see a picture of him here. He is half wizard half fairy xD.

2. Marc Adagio

First Name: Marc
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camilo's 15 year old cousin. His birthday is February 8 and he's 5'1"(~155cm). He is not related to Camila though she thinks of him as her cousin too. He has an obsession with cats, also he is a full wizard looking for a familiar xD. You can see his full picture here

3. Sofi

Name: Sofi She is a robotic pixie, friend to Camila, Camilo and Marc. She is usually inches tall but she can change into normal human stature at will. You can see her picture here

Original Songs

This playlist contains all of my original music.

This playlist contains the songs from the Pan con Chocolate saga that AlexTrip Sands and I have been working on.

My Vocaloid/UTAU Gallery on DA

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Camila sings thanks to others

Here is the link to a playlist of videos I found of people who have made Camila sing ^^

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Two New Originals

Been working on these songs for about a month now. Please enjoy :D

This song is called ¿Dónde Está? and it's about Camila losing an invitation to a party and finding it after the party's over. Injune Midori and Shizuka Tei are singing back up to Camila in this song ^^. I wanted to make a PV but I don't think I'll be able to anytime soon so I'll try to make an image soon and upload it to youtube.

This song is called Summer. Makune Hachi sings about how short summer seems and you want to have so much fun but somethings get in the way so you'll have to make the best of the last few days of summer to have fun! Had the image done last month so I was able to upload this video.

On another note here's a little love for Sofi she's singing とおせんぼ (Toosenbo) by wowakaP, ust by skyisland1

UTAU Pixels

Pixel UTAUs by =yesi-chan on deviantART

If you're wondering who's on there here's the list:

Overseas: Mahou Yuki, Camila Melodía, Hoshine Stella, Utaune Nami, Makune Hachi, Kurane Zanda, Kikyuune Aiko, Tree, Enbukyoku Aline, Ayane Wakana, Ikusane Yoru, Ikusane Aele, Tomero Chii, Chikune Kenta, Tony Yonné

Japanese: Kasane Teto, ÑAL, Kanran (Cabbage), Kotodama, Rakune Kiyo, Rakune Miyo, Rakune Rui, Namine Ritsu, Suiga Sora, Defoko, Yokune Ruko, LOKE, Momone Momo, Sekka Yufu, Yurika Sayu

Overseas: Celestine Aoi, Sasayaki Nünnoru, Siena Kotone & Danilo Kotone, Nagareboshi Yue, Sakuwatari Chiyo, Ishimaru Michiyo, Donka Fjord, Peanut, Takoe Zuii, Mijukurini Su-Suko, Kaiki Misuinu, Yoruno Tsuya, Eien Seiiki, Vista

Japanese: Japanese: Nagone Mako, Haruka Nana, Keine Ron 京音ロン, Hibiki Raika, Seika Yuzu 星歌ユズ, Soune Ria, Soune Renzi, Inuhebi, Todoroki Eiichi, Soune Taya, Amane Luna, Rookルーク, Fuuga Koto, Yamatouchi Iori, Shirakane Hiyori

Overseas: Ariella, Sokkyoune Katarina, Injune Midori, Shizuka Tei, Ensei Sayuri, Ensei Ayame, Seiya Kiyoshi, RAI, Hahenko Urooboene, Taisei Nemurine, Kaisa, Ichine Luna, Nakune Yoyo, Kazune Yoshi, Rikai Rippa

Last Row: Sou77, Utatsukuri Tsubame, Matsudaa Poiyo, Pam, Supune Niku, Motone Yumi, Nene Nene, Kagami Usagi, Satemaro , Akabane Karasu, Jimine Otose (apparently Overseas @_@), Mitani Nana, Nanto Natsuki, JJ.Chigusa, Tsuine Owata

And here's the list with the Japanese spelling:
Overseas: 魔法雪, Camila Melodía, 星音ステラ, 歌う音 ナミ, MAKU音ハチ, 暗音ザンダ, 気球音アイコ, Tree, 円舞曲アリーネ, 綾音和奏, 戦音ヨル, 戦音エアリー, 地位トメロ, 地ク音ケンタ, 四音トニー

Japanese: 重音テト, ÑAL(ニャル), 甘藍, コトダマ, 楽音キヨ, 楽音ミヨ, 楽音ルイ, 波音リツ, 穂歌ソラ, デフォ子, 欲音ルコ , LOKE, 桃音モモ, 雪歌ユフ, 揺歌サユ

Overseas: Celestine Aoi, 囁きヌンノル, Siena Kotone, Danilo Kotone, 流星ユエ, 朔渡チヨ, 石丸ミチヨ, 鈍歌フィヨーッド, ピナットゥ, 多声ズイ, 未熟利似スースーコ, 怪奇ミスイヌ, 夜乃ツヤ, 声域エイエン, Vista

Japanese: 和音マコ, 春歌ナナ, 京音ロン, 雷歌ヒビキ, 星歌ユズ, 双音リア, 双音レンジ, いぬへび, 轟栄一, 蒼音タヤ, 天音ルナ, Rook (ルーク), 楓歌コト, 大和内庵, 白鐘ヒヨリ

Overseas: Ariella, 即興音カタリナ, 印綬音ミドリ, 静歌テイ, 園生小百合, 園生菖蒲, 喜義せいや, ライ, うろ覚え音はへん子, 眠り音タイセイ, カイサ, 市音ルナ, 鳴く音ヨヨ, 数音ヨシ, 立派リカイ

Last Row: 蒼77, 歌造ツバメ, 松田っぽいよ, Pam ぱむ, 須布音ニク, 元音ユミ, 根音ネネ,  かがみうさぎ, さてまろ, 赤羽カラス, 地味音オトセ, 実谷ナナ, 南斗 夏姫, JJ.千種, 終音オワタ

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some songs not on youtube

Well I sometimes make my UTAU sing songs and upload them first to twaud.io. Sometimes I upload them to youtube other times I don't. Here's a song that probably wont make it to youtube:

Marc's Psychotic Love Song ust by UTAUReni.

and Camila singing Dokubou Stellar Theater using vcv

You are welcomed to hear other songs I have there as well (and I think you can download from there too but I have troubles with that so I don't bother xD) anyways here's my twaud.io account in case anyone's interested http://twaud.io/users/Yesi_chan This link is also on the GATAN PRODUCTION widget on the right.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camila MMD Bug :D

oh just look how cute! xD The model was done by retarded0nightmare, thanks so much! wheee it's so adorable :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camila is alive! xD

kinda feels like I abandoned her but I made her sing a little something finally xD
Well have fun xD

ust: owata ust.zip

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camilo x Celes Love song

Awwwww yeah I finally finished a song I've been working on for like a month. (hmm I guess you hear it and it doesn't sound like I worked on it that long rofl) anyway I hope you enjoy it at least a little! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

【UTAUカバー】 「独房ステラシアタ」 【Camila Melodía】

This deserves a mention hehe.

Oh yeah! on another note, someone is working on adding bones and fixing up my Camila model :D Hopefully we'll have a custom made working Camila MMD model soon!

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