Camila Melodía: A custom MMD model

Well we all know Camila is too hard to make from just edits, especially when using only models that allow edits...Because of this 2 years ago I resolved to make my own model from scratch and this is the result. It took a long time to get people to help with the bones and physics but she finally has them and even I was able to mess around with the physics a little bit. Unfortunately this is all amateur work, as in I have NO REAL PREVIOUS 3D MODELING EXPERIENCE so please don't be too critical if you are neither going to offer help or can't even do better...

Without further ado here is a sample of her current stage!

Some people have asked me for distribution and I even started a poll on my DA. It seems the "please release" is winning but at the same time there are quite a few people who don't want me to release the model so I'm not too happy about releasing it publicly. The model still has some problems and I have really tried my best, even trying to fix some of the modeling but unfortunately I'm an amateur and the programs seem to hate me because I keep getting errors when I try to import a new part that I modeled in metasequoia to pmd editor... I've already asked a lot of people for help fixing the model, help with the bones, and help with the physics and nobody has helped me fix the model plus it took almost a year before I got anyone to even attempt to add the bones so really you can't ask much more of me than what you get here. If you want to use the model you could send me a direct message on youtube but you better give me a good reason for why you'd want to use it. That said, I would probably distribute it to friends and people who have helped me in the past if they asked as well.

I apologize if at any point this entry seems mean or overly dramatic but that was not my intention, I'm simply trying to explain why the model is the way it is. Also it's 6am and I haven't slept at all plus I've been sick from allergies ;w;



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