Shimeji Camila!

Ok I was bored and I learned about these little desktop mascots called shimeji so I wanted to make one of Camila xD

So basically shimeji is a free program from and you can make your own by just replacing the images. So basically I did all the images for the Camila shimeji but I didn't do the code or modify it. Though If you download the program from the site you can get the source code in case you want to modify it!

Well for those who care I'm putting little Camila up for download here:

Camila Shimeji- Professional Edition Multiplies up to 10 times (to my understanding) and climbs on top of the screen so it can cover up the file menu of programs and become a bit annoying Professional Edition

I'm not making one with the Ultimate edition, that requires a few more images,and it multiplies up to 50 times so it's even more annoying xD.


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