Camila's English Reclist

I've been asked before for her English reclist so here it is. It's not the best nor the longest thing and it's used together with the Japanese part of the voicebank to complement it. If you have doubts of how to record these think of English consonants and Japanese or Spanish vowels (they sound the same a(ah) e(eh) i(ee) o(oh) u(ooh)) If you still have doubts you can always contact me on twitter, youtube, deviantart, leave a comment here or even on the cbox. Also feel free to add your own sounds or remove whatever you think isn't necessary. Some samples have a 1 next to them, well that's because there is already a Japanese sample with that name and in English it will sound different. Also, whatever ends in "i" or "u" shouldn't be recorded too long or else it wont make a difference in UTAU.

Since the list is so long you can take a look at it here Camila's English reclist

I tried to upload it as a text file but I'm having problems sorry ^^;


Anonymous said…
hola, no tienes el RecList para el VB en Español?
consegui una por ahi pero no tiene mucho sentido O.o
Yesi-chan said…
Si tengo una, de hecho está en el downloads section. (Justo ahora moví el link para q apareciera debajo del English reclist pero el link lo tenía ya hace un tiempo)
Mieke Lofe said…
I made an English reclist too.

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