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UST files:

I included in parenthesis the language of the song in case any of you are interested in seeing how I make usts of languages other than Japanese.

Original Songs:
If you cover these songs, please give me credit and link to the original videos.

wish on a (English)

Poisoned (Spanish)

challenge of (Spanish)

about me ||about me (Karaoke & mp3) (English)

carita de (Spanish)

Cover Songs:
I made these ust files from scratch so PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT (as Yesi-chan or gaticaeitan) if you use these or I'll take them down. Also remember to credit the original artist!

LOL-lots of laugh- pass: lolcamilita (Japanese) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Japanese)

double / double (English)

Cant I Even Dream ust by (Includes both CV and VCV) (Japanese)

Reverse Rainbow ust by (Japanese) (Includes both CV and VCV) (Japanese)

What's Color (Japanese) Note: These are only the harmonies as I did not make the ust. There is a ust (made by Agi from the original MIDI by Shinjo-P) which you can download here.

Green Green ust by (Japanese)

prism heart ust by felicia_val and (Japanese)

weekday cloudy ust by (Japanese)

Breathe ust by (Japanese)

can't hug every cat ust by (English)

gloria in excelsis deo ust by (Spanish)

Tokyo Cyber Detectives (Japanese)

Bed Intruder Song ( (English)

I edited these ust files from MIDI files or other usts so please give the appropriate credit (especially if MIDI source is specified) if you use them or I'll take them down. You don't have to credit me specifically for these but please mention they are edited from a MIDI or ust as specified.

silent_night(cantor2).ust (English & Spanish at the end)
Based on a MIDI sequenced by Bob Sorem (English)
Got the Japanese ust from masterchichan but I'm not sure where he got it from :/

Discotheque★Love harmonies(by Yesi-chan).zip (Japanese) Harmonies created and edited from Discotheque★Love_by

ShubertF - AveMaria ust by (Latin)
Edited from a public domain MIDI from the Mutopia Project (Japanese)  Edited from FullmetalFumFum's ust. (Includes both CV and VCV)


Awesome said…
For some reason, 4shared isn't working for me when I try to download things. I've tried with other things and it doesn't let me.

Do you know what could be wrong?
Yesi-chan said…
hmm that is really odd...have you tried other browsers? I guess I could try to make time to upload these to mediafire as well. Is there a particular one you would like me to upload?
Anonymous said…
Hola Yesi!

Bueno, soy el voicer de Etsuko Hoshi. Y estoy gravando las voces en español y queria saver si puder postear el ust de dolor de cabeza que no lo encuentro en ningun lado y quedo como en el titulo de la cancion TT.TT.

Bueno si lo pudieras hacer, estaria muy agradecido.

sonicelerizo112 (YouTube)
Etsuko Hoshi (UTAU)
Linzlistz said…
How do you use UST .. when i open it with utau like Magnet.rar... its blank .. :(
Yesi-chan said…
you have to extract the rar first then you can open it with utau.
Yesi-chan said…
@Diego lo siento pero hay algunas canciones que no quiero subir el ust pero tengo otras canciones en español como la de elefantes, las mañaitas, y el "challenge of e" que esta en español también. También Poisoned Lily y Carita de Niña pero son para mujeres asi que no se si te sirvan.
malinka halinka said…
Hola Yesi-chan GRACIAS!!! por los UST's estaba buscando can't i ever dream desde hace siglos!!!
este.... No crees que seria bueno que camila tuviera un voicebank Multipitch?
Carrot Juice? said…
Do you know were i can find the ust for the bed intruder song XD i wanna cover it soo much and i know it was from ages ago but i still really wanna cover it haha
Hiyoko-chan said…
Why Discotheque★Love harmonies is Scissorhands? 7-7

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