Camila Voicebank Update

So I think I finally fixed the oto.ini of the triphones voicebank for Camila so here is the full download of Camila's voicebank Camila Melodia(ver 1.6.1)(1).zip

Here is an example of how it sounds Toeto_(camila vcv).mp3
I also remade all of her frq files so it shouldn't give anymore trouble, I hope ^^;

You can download the CV voicebank and triphones seperately here.

For those who don't want to download the whole thing, here is the fixed oto.ini (3) oto.ini

Happy song making! ^^

Oh and many thanks to mianaito who helped me with the oto.ini and told me how to configure it correctly ^^

And now for something extra! Thank you Feli for making Camila sing this ^^


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