What I use to make songs...

Well I've been asked this a lot so I decided to just make a post about it.
When I make songs, I first make a MIDI using Anvil Studio which you can download here:

After that, I need the background music to be a wav so I can mix it with the voice so I use a program called Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) which works on Windows as well so don't worry about that. You can download it here:

In order for lmms to recognize the sounds immediately after importing a MIDI, I use a soundfont called Chorium which you can download here:

Everything I use is completely free. You can purchase extra functionality for Anvil Studio but I'm fine just using the free version.

You can ask me for help using these programs but I ask that you first google, or use the help files before asking me. Sometimes it's easier to learn from the programs own instructions and sometimes I can't explain things very well ^^;

Well hope this helps! Enjoy!



How do you make sure the midis are on pitch and timed right and stuff like that? I use a different program, and I've edited midis, but never actually made any because I'm not quite sure about stuff like that...
Yesi-chan said…
You'll have to use your own discretion for that. I basically put here what I use to make my original songs so I do whatever sounds nice to me. It helps to have some background in music (knowing how to read sheet music, chords, keys, scales) that'll help you make better choices.

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