Reverse Rainbow ~ust download~

Woo, been active all this week! This is a rare occurrence I think xD
So here's another update! I did a Reverse Rainbow ust because I was in the mood to make a ust and I asked on twitter and it was requested.

At the time I'm writing this entry Youtube STILL hasn't processed the video so the video description still doesn't show up orz....

Basically here's what it should say:

original by sunzriver:

The song was requested by Misharoute who wanted to make Hachi and Camila sing it. She was kind enough to draw the art for the video and onlysoaa was kind enough to mix the song for me. Special thanks to masao for helping with the lyrics!

You can download the ust here: Reverse Rainbow ust by

Please enjoy the video!

On another note, I came across what I believe to be an amazing video of Camila!
I don't know how this person did it but they managed to make Camila sound almost Vocaloid quality! This is seriously the most perfect English I've heard in an UTAU!

Seriously, αH7, you did an awesome job on the song!


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