I'm Sorry Guys...

...but I've had it! I'm tired of this! What is "this", you ask? Well I'll tell you...

Despite what it might seem like, I'm actually a busy person I just barely sleep! I'm currently studying while working so "me" time comes at night when I'm not busy doing homework or studying. And guess what...in that time I receive messages from you guys asking...no DEMANDING help and I still try to help anyways. Well I've had it! If you can't ask nicely don't expect me to help. I realize most of you are rather young and I dunno probably don't know proper etiquette, well LEARN! Please I'm just tired of helping only to have people later complain or be ungrateful. I don't ask that you do stuff for me in exchange for my help, all I ask is that you be nice when asking for it and understanding if I can't offer you any help because I'm busy or simply don't know how to help.

I'm tired of going out of my way to help people who will misunderstand me and then insult me afterwards (directly or indirectly it doesn't matter, sometimes people say things that are hurtful even if they aren't direct insults). I'm tired of getting PM's DEMANDING I help them. People I don't bite...but I refuse to be a pushover. Also I'll only draw for my friends. I'm sorry guys, but unless you commission me on DA, I won't draw for people I don't know. I'm tired of helping design people's UTAUs only so that they later ask someone else to change the design completely. It might seem unimportant to you guys but to me it isn't mainly because I consider it a waste of time to help someone with something and then they throw it away... You don't HAVE to use my design but it'd be nice if at least you tell me before hand that you don't like it or want someone else to change it, that way I'll just not waste my time finishing something that won't be used. Believe it or not, this HAS happened to me. Also I won't draw for you so that eventually you start telling people how much you hate the design or whatever (this has also happened)...

Also, I've written tutorials. They are available here on the downloads section ---> *points right*
Make use of them and if you have questions feel free to ask on the cbox or on PM on Youtube but don't be angry with me if I can't reply quickly or simply can't reply. It's not my fault if messages don't arrive and remember I'm busy!
Also PLEASE DON'T ASK QUESTIONS ON YOUTUBE COMMENTS! If you're going to ask me a question, do it through DM, youtube doesn't always show new comments on the inbox. Also I don't like receiving questions that are already answered on the comment description. Please I beg you to READ BEFORE ASKING! Also you DON'T have to love or even like my videos but I really must ask you guys that if you don't like a video I posted and you're still gonna be a hypocrite and use MY ust don't let me know that you don't like it. You are entitled to not like it but seriously don't say you don't like it only so that I might find you used my ust later on...geez.

Well I guess that's all....sorry for the long rant but this HAD to be said.


Resumén en Español:

Ugh no quiero traducir todo esto pero básicamente les pido que si me van a pedir ayuda sean amables. No necesito recibir mensajes donde estén ordenándome que les ayude... También si no les puedo ayudar no se molesten conmigo, yo hago lo que puedo pero soy una persona ocupada aunque no lo parezca (lo q pasa es que casi no duermo...)
Otra cosa, NO ME PREGUNTEN EN LOS COMENTARIOS DE LOS VIDEOS. Si van a preguntar haganlo en el cbox aqui, o por DM en Youtube. Tampoco pregunten si la contestación ya esté en el comentario del video...Por favor LEAN ANTES DE ESCRIBIR!
Bueno básicamente eso es todo...



Mooncrafter said…
I'm sorry people are doing that to you Yesi D: and I hope and pray and hope that humanity learns to read before they ask questions more often!

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