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Romaji CV to VCV Converter
This program converts a CV romaji ust into a VCV romaji ust.

Vsq Lyric Extractor

In case you have problems with the update, here is the earlier version:

This program does exactly what it says, extracts the lyrics from a vsq but it has to be turned into a txt file first so you should use vsq2txt which you can download in the UTAU main site LINK (scroll down)

Character (キャラクターなんとか機)

Nantokaki RSI Models:

Both Camila and Camilo models are in the zip file.

Rip Sync homepage

Lip Sync homepage

Also Aerendyll made a tutorial for how to use LipSync which you can view here.

To make your own models you'll need RSI Editor. The webpage has a tutorial too, though I think Aerendyll covered making your own models in the tutorials I linked to before.

Custom RSI Models (work with both RipSync and LipSync):

Camila Melodía:


Yoru Ikusane:

Aele Ikusane:

Yue Nagareboshi:

Tomero Chii:

Aline Enbukyoku:

Merome Rouge:


Here is a preview of some of the models:

UTAU Rip Sync Models by =yesi-chan on deviantART


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