It's hard to believe that by doing nothing Camila and I have caused so much trouble orz. I had said before I wanted an MMD model of Camila but I'd love to have an original one made by me (highly unlikely since I don't know 3D modeling) or someone that I meet that knows 3D modeling. But some people good at using pmd editor have made models of Camila editing already existing models. Sure they are great but I don't want any trouble with the original creators of the models orz orz orz. So I want to apologize to everybody for this and any misunderstandings that have arrived and I would like to please ask anybody who tries to make a pmd edit model of Camila NOT TO. That is unless you have permission and know you have permission. Wouldn't want you to waste your time for nothing. Well that is all I have to say MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES! GOMENASAI! ごめんなさい! (Can't speak Japanese but I at least know that word D: so sorry to any modelers out there.)



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