About the Magic Melody family

1. Camila Melodía

First Name: Camila
Last Name: Melodía
Age: 20
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: dark fushia
Height: 5'6"(167cm)with shoes / 5'3" (160cm) without shoes
Birthday: May 27 (day of her release xD)

She is a 20 year old UTAU character, for the song synthetizer UTAU, that is able to sing in Japanese, English and Spanish. She is cool, calm and collected and offers her advice whenever possible.
You can see a full picture of her here.
Note: Camila is a cyber fairy 8D

Camilo Adagio (g+15)
First Name: Camilo
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camila's cousin of the same age, same hair and eye color. His birthday is June 3 and he's 5'7"(170cm) tall. To get his voice the gender factor is g+15. You can see a picture of him here. He is half wizard half fairy xD.

2. Marc Adagio

First Name: Marc
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camilo's 15 year old cousin. His birthday is February 8 and he's 5'1"(~155cm). He is not related to Camila though she thinks of him as her cousin too. He has an obsession with cats, also he is a full wizard looking for a familiar xD. You can see his full picture here

3. Sofi

Name: Sofi She is a robotic pixie, friend to Camila, Camilo and Marc. She is usually inches tall but she can change into normal human stature at will. You can see her picture here

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This playlist contains the songs from the Pan con Chocolate saga that AlexTrip Sands and I have been working on.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

La Plena de los Desamores

New Orignal song for Camila using the Lucid append. Title translates to: The Plena of Broken Hearts This is pretty much a sequel to Desgraciado: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-_0WbUwDDo Though this sounds better 'cause I had help from AlexTripSands for the music xD Hope you enjoy this song in plena style which is a style of music from Puerto Rico. It always makes me want to dance.

Mp3: https://soundcloud.com/yesi_chan/la-plena-de-los-desamores


On a hot summer day Camila plans to meet with her friend Nunnorü whom she met after an unfortunate revelation that the guy they were dating (Yohji) was two timing them. Tagging along was a mutual friend Lily who seems to have gone through a similar situation with a guy whom she is too embarrassed to identify. To try to console her friend, Camila tells her stories about this guy whom she met in college who was nothing but trouble. She knew it the instant she saw him but he was simply "too hot to pass."

While having drinks at a prestigious club, Camila continues talking about the guy who was even worse than the "Desgraciado" both she and Nunnorü had fallen for and how she always knew her relationship with him would only be temporary. Even so, she could not help but feel some wounded pride when this man started flirting with other girls in her faculty, leaving her to demote this perfect "too hot to pass" ten down to a six for being such a jerk. It was then that she sat down with him and told him that she was too busy with her studies and the part time jobs she was working at to get herself through college. The relationship was over on her terms and she left that disgrace behind, or so she thought.

Years later, after Camila had been cheated on not once, but twice now she had already finished her bachelors and even went so far as to get herself through law school. She is a smart independent woman and even she falls for the charms of such guys, certainly Lily shouldn't feel ashamed for falling for a jerk as well. Camila also goes on to tell Lily and Nunno that she met the terrible guy from college yet again at a college reunion. The guy goes up to her as if the years had not passed and asks to rekindle that romance which she always knew was doomed from the start. She tells him she'll think about it but at the same time she feels, at that moment, that she would just like the warmth of being with a man once again, even if said man was the worst scum of the earth. He was hot, really hot, that on looks alone she deemed him a 10 despite his other failings. For that reason only she agreed to revive the romance and passion that she had once experienced. But she was no fool, she knew he would probably be back to his old antics... that is if he wasn't already with a couple of other girls before he went and hit on Camila at that reunion.

She hired a private detective and found out all his "hobbies". This information would surely be useful for something but for what? As she was chitchatting with her friends, the club's butler hands her the day's newspaper, for Camila is always interested in reading the current events for her job. It is then that she notices the headline and finally realized that all this information she has gathered was going to bite that guy in the ass.

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