Camila Melodía Act 1 Released!

For all of you UTAU fans!

Finally, her voicebank is released.  All of the suggested hiragana syllables are recorded as well as a lot of syllables that might be useful for other languages such as English and Spanish.  I consider that at the moment, the oto.ini file is fully complete for the Japanese language however not all of the frq files are generated for the other syllables.  As I complete more songs with her, the voicebank will be more completed and maybe more syllables are added.

Song Examples





Anonymous said…
no me dejo acceder con mi cuenta de LJ ;; mugre cosa del mal ¬¬

pues decia que ya la descarge y espero muy pronto hacerla cantar, solo termino lo que me aqueja hehehe ^^u

Unknown said…
Nice to meet you,I am MUNO(むのー)
Japanese UTAU Fan.

This is so good Sound source!
Content is very enhance.

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