Song Suggestions/ Requests?

Well I'm kinda running out of ideas as to what to make Camila sing so if you have any suggestions or requests please let me know. I ask that you please tell me the name of the song in both Japanese and English, link to the original version on nico (or youtube if it has the original nico version in the description), link to a ust that shows who made it (I'm not in the mood to make the ust myself =_=) and finally a link to a karaoke. Ok maybe it's asking too much but I really don't know which songs to cover anymore and I already have to do the drawing and make her sing it so I'd appreciate it if you can help me in locating the ust and karaoke.

Oh I must state that I will only cover Vocaloid or UTAU original songs. No anime, or video game songs anymore ok? If you want Camila to sing those, do it yourself as long as it's not offensive or sexual, illegal and/or super out of character. English or Spanish songs are okay too as long as they are either Vocaloid/UTAU originals or translated or they are in the Public Domain (in which case some public domain MIDI or sheet music would be nice) Well I think Camila's voice is mostly fit for Luka songs so those are more than welcomed. And I guess that's all. Oh yeah you can also suggest songs for Camilo or Marc.

Thank's in advance


Yesi-chan said…
Testing testing xD ok it seems you can leave comments xD
Yue/Mario said…
Hmmm I can think on some songs...

One could be:

- Esmeralda
-- VSQ By Seiko-P
-- I will look for the karaoke laterz...its on piapro, but I found it.
Nami-mi said…
Make Camila sing Rolling Girl XD
I will upload the off vocal later.
UST by umbrellaguns
Feli said…
I'd like to request Marc to sing Namless song : video
ust :

I think the karaoke is inside the zip

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