I MIGHT be taking a break from UTAU

No I'm not bored or discouraged by what anyone has said but for a few weeks now I've been having a problem on my right ear so sometimes I can't hear very well with it ;w; I know for sure I'm not going deaf (well I think ^^;) but it is an annoyance and though it doesn't hurt or anything it does bother me when I'm making songs, mixing songs or listening to songs. So I'm receiving treatment and I hope it gets better soon but it's been annoying me for so long and it seems to be getting somewhat worse rather than better so I think I MIGHT take a little break. I say might because if I get too bored I'll post songs anyway but if you don't see me post songs you at least know why.

On another note, I got quite a few RSI model requests. I did do some but I haven't quite been able to get started on others but I will make models to those I already promised. Since I got more requests than I was expecting on DA already I'm gonna halt them for a while until I finish the ones I currently have. Sorry for the trouble and I do hope you can make use of the models I make ^^

Happy UTAUing or whatever xD and have a fun summer!



kuroshiroshiro2 said…
Hi this is the first time fom me to comment here.
Anyway japanese fans of Camila also would worry about you,
if they don't see you post songs, I guess.
So I translated your message here to japanese on pixiv.
Plz don't feel so bad.

I hope the problem on your ear will gets better soon.

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