UTAU Random Facts about Camila Melodía

I saw Yue's post and I wanted to try too!

-Camila is Puerto Rican ^^; yes yes this is VERY important.
-Camila is a Fairy.
-Camila likes to help people.
-Camila dreams of one day singing a song with her idol Marc Anthony.
-She likes sweets, especially chocolate, pumpkin pie, and Christmas Puerto Rican desserts like tembleque xD.
-She LOVES salsa, singing it, dancing it and listening to it.
-She is very emotional.
-She is the one who keeps the MELODY Family/Company together
-Her first name comes from the awesome Mexican singing group Camila as well as from the protagonist of the novela Pasión. While her last name is just the word "melody" in Spanish.
-SHE LOVES MATH! Heck she sung e xD
-Nobody seems to pay attention to her in class. (She teaches musical theory at Virtuoso Academy so no wonder xD)
-She is 20 years old but for a fairy that is still really young.
-She has no idea that Marc Torres is EVIL EVIL!
-She scolds Camilo for smoking A LOT!
-She goes to Nurse Yue for all her health troubles.
-She is scared when Yue reads her mind...
-She is proud of her heritage and loves singing Puerto Rican songs.
-She gets uncomfortable with certain things easily
-She is very fashionable and her clothes probably cost a fortune...but Camilo is rich so it doesn't matter xD
-Her best friends are Stella and Yuki
-She wants to adopt Hachi as a little sister
-She loves celebrating Christmas with Siena and Danilo Kotone
-Unlike her creator, she can cook stuff besides breakfast xD
-She loves her family and thinks of family first

That's all I can think up for now xD


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