In honor of Holy Week

Because it is Holy Week (and already for me it's Holy Friday) I decided I wanted to upload a video relating to it because of my religion. I decided to make some music so I could make Camila's Opera Append sing the Our Father prayer in Spanish. I do hope you like it regardless of your religion, I mean music is a type of art and it's meant to express the artist's emotions right?

On another note, I'm still working on Camila's Opera Append as I find that there are still a few syllables I need to re-record. The append is available as closed beta so anyone who wants to help catch these syllables that need re-recording should send me a message on youtube
(I only ask that you do not redistribute without permission as it is a closed beta distribution)

I also want to record lower syllables to give her a bit more range since there are songs that start off around C4 (which this append can't sing properly) and then go really high. I'll get around to that once my throat stops hurting =w=


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