First of all I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO! (It was done by ankariisme) But I found it hilarious enough to share! Plus I thought it deserved an English translation so I translated it for those who don't know Spanish (or Japanese because it has Japanese subs on nico xD)

English translation:
"MarQchisan estubo aquí" (MarQchisan waz here) *purposely mispelled*

Luka: What are you going to do dressed like that?
Miku: We're going to sing!
Gakupo: but the song is kinda ugly isn't it?
Luka: Horrible! I'm not going to sing that! Have fun!
Gakupo: Luka! don't leave me alone!
Miku: Shhh! Gakupo we're going to start!
Gakupo: Sorry...

In this special day, I want to thank MarQchisan
Thanks to him the Japanese known
How badly Spanish is really spoken

In each video MarQchisan sees
He leaves his signature for the future
However his grammar leaves a lot to be desired
Because "Estubo aquí" should be written with a "v"

Gakupo: Why does he says he was there?
Miku: So that people know it?
Gakupo: but nobody knows him...
Miku: Then it must be a fame strategy in reverse!
Luka: No, he just has nothing better to do.

He is the only one the original
In nicovideo he's a real celebrity
You'll find him in any gender
That's why I'll celebrate you MarQchisan

I don't know if he comes from (mentions a lot of Latin American countries)
Or if he's (mentions more countries *and incorrectly refers to Puerto Ricans sniff lol*) [for reference it's "puertorriqueños" NOT "puertorricenses" like in the video]
Man or woman
Young person or a senior
But it doesn't matter because he makes us all look bad

Gakupo: Hey Miku
Miku: Yes, Gakupo?
Gakupo: Isn't it a bad idea to make a song for MarQchisan?
Miku: But it's his birthday isn't it?
Luka: No, today is "Día de los Santos Inocentes" (similar to April Fools but in December 28 xD)

Miku: Again!

Gakupo: And what is "Día de los Santos Inocentes"?
Luka: Google it.
Gakupo: I asked so that the Japanese will know about it.
Luka: The Japanese aren't even going to understand the lyrics because they're all in Spanish.
Gakupo: What?! That's true! Then this has no sense?!
Luka: None, but those clothes suit you guys *laughs*. Have fun with that Marfuchi! *laughs again*
Gakupo: Luka....

Miku: Gakupo? Luka? Hey? Anyone? MarQchisan?


Anonymous said…
MarQchisan estubo aqui

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