Vsq Lyric Extractor Update

I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I had problems with the code. I finally figured out how to make it work like I wanted (though I didn't quite do the code how I wanted so if anyone thinks of a way to make it better feel free to modify the code since I include the source code)

Here is the update:

This update was done because for a while now when you input romaji lyrics without separating them with a space or with "" they will be put together in the same note. That is convenient when creating a ust with romaji lyrics so that you don't have to put "" all the time, however some vsq's do have random English characters that get grouped together in a ust. Usually they are meant to stretch out a note or for breathing so you'll have to make sure to edit the ust if necessary after you input the lyrics. More instructions are in the readme file but you are welcomed to ask questions.

I also noticed that this program made its way into the Essential UTAU Toolkit! So I hope this update is useful for anyone who has used this little program!

Well that's about it. Keep the music alive and have fun!



venugopal said…
really nice post to follow your tips. i will come back to your post for more information.


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