Pan Con Chocolate - The Saga

So this isn't really Camila related but I usually use this blog for any work I do with synthesized singing be it UTAU or VOCALOID.

Last year I heard this really amazing song by AlexTripSands called Pan Con Chocolate.  He made this song originally with Hatsune Miku and I loved it so much I asked him if I could cover it with Camila.  The song is about a woman who gives up on her boyfriend because he is always unfaithful.  So she basically kicks him out on the street and claims he is left without his "bread with chocolate" referring to herself.


Camila cover (This version contains an English translation in the annotations):

Following this encounter, Alex and I became friends and co-producers of VOCALOID songs as I suggested  he make an acoustic version of Pan Con Chocolate and even contributed adding new lyrics to the song for this version:

After we made the acoustic version, we came up with the idea of making a response song for Pan Con Chocolate.  In this song, the guy accused of cheating (we chose Gakupo because his voice is good for salsa music xD) asks for forgiveness and claims that nothing was really going on.  But his story seems to change throughout the song because, if he didn't do it why ask for forgiveness? Well he claims that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.  An English translation of the lyrics is included in the annotations.

Now it's Gumi's side of the story.  She is just another victim of Gakupo's charms and deceits.  He called her "tostoncito" (fried green plantain which is a favorite side dish in Puerto Rico and apparently Venezuela) but now that she's realized his game she no longer wants him to call her that.  She also kicks him out of the house which he bought with cash in her name so there would be no traces for Miku to find.  An English translation of the lyrics is included in the annotations.

Miku and Gumi have kicked Gakupo out of their houses and left him without nothing.  IA finds Gakupo on the streets and takes him in to take care of him.  The two begin a romance and IA is very attentive and diligent however, Gakupo keeps up his usual behavior.  What kind of trouble will his lies get him in this time?

IA has stabbed Gakupo in the back and the police are now all over the case.  Find out how the investigation on IA's crime is going in the 5th chapter of the Pan con Chocolate Saga!  You can view the English translation of the lyrics here: The Investigation - English Translation

This concludes this post for now but be on the lookout for a few more songs we have planned for this, quite possibly the first Latin VOCALOID saga!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our work.



AlexTrip Sands said…
Mejor no pudiste ilustrarlo... Gracias por ser partícipe de esta aventura musical y artística... :)

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