Camila Character style xD

So I knew about the style all the UTAUloids are made in when they sing using Rip Sync but I had no idea that was due to a program xD When I found out about the program Character (which you can download here ) I decided to try to figure it out and see if I could make Camila with it because the one that was done for this video *points down* just doesnt cut it for me xD (though I'm very happy they made Camila sing in nico again :D)

Just look how cute she looks now :D (Now if only I could figure out how to make it work with Rip Sync :'D)

Added an accessory as the hair that covers her right eye :D (It's all in Camila's set)

And here's Camilo too :D


Anonymous said…
ah que preciosa pero delgadita esta xD awww yo tambien quisiera saber como hacer trabajar el rip-sync pero ni la mas remota idea @w@

espero que estes bien, al igual que tu familia, cuidate mucho *abrazo*
Unknown said…
Hi, you've mastered Character nantoka-ki! She looks quite cute!
About the sync with RipSync, the home site ( and Nico dictionary page ( would be the best information, though both are written in Japanese.

There are some tutorial movies at Nico, linked from sites above.
(But unfortunately all in Japanese...)

Customized version (available at can read UTAU ust.

I guess another lip sync software LipSync ( would be better, since the site contains slightly more English :)
Its tutorial is here:

I hope this can be of some help.
Yesi-chan said…
well I sort of played around with the program and figured somethings out but I don't know how to create an rsi file :P Maybe I can figure something out with those videos. Thank you so much for the info!
Unknown said…
In that case, RSI Editor ( would be what you need.
From the page you can get the link to program itself, tutorial nico video and many pre-made samples.

BtW, when I consult Character Nantoka-ki experts around me I found some of them have already made Camila with it.
Do you want to see them? They are too humble to show them off :D
(One was curious why Camila in this design doesn't have that misterious long hair over her right eye.)
Yesi-chan said…
oh! I would love to see them! And the reason why she doesnt have the hair over her eye is because I was too lazy to actually make her hair from the front so I just added the curls on the front xD.
Ooh ive been fighting with rsi editor but I think I'll watch tutorials on that page (a friend of mine actually gave me the editor and no link xD)
Heidi B. said…
I agree. I like your better XD

(I have been trying to make one of my own for Rikai. I kept on messing up. xP But I got her hair done! ) 8D
Anonymous said…
I made Camila by Character Nantoka-ki by items which I have.

I love Camila's long hair over her right eye.
This setting must reverse because the hair patrs over one's eye which I have is only for left eye.
If you draw graphic for reverse, it must be very useful item.
Yesi-chan said…
Oh that is so cute! thank you so much! hmm I'll have to check how to do the hair over the eye because it seems the eyes cover the hair but I'll check it out (maybe as an accesory?)
Anonymous said…
I think the best way to make the hair style like camila is make another item for eyes.
You need not make item for accesory.
The best way to make hair style like camila is make another parts of eyes.
If you make parts of eye which only one side eye is drawn, you need not to make parts of hair as accesory.
Yesi-chan said…
I guess but as an accessory it seems to work, see the latest picture there? xD
Anonymous said…
I checked it.
Certainly, it works without trouble.
However, I think if we can make her without using accesory, it may be useful.

BtW, would you make an items of inversion image?
I think it makes her very easy to treat.
Yesi-chan said…
hmmm what do you mean by items of inversion image? make the items for the image if it was looking the other way?
Unknown said…
Hidariue's saying flipped image, looking to the right.
It's very much useful when you want to make two chara's talking with each other.
Yesi-chan said…
ah! I thought so hmm yeah it would be good to make a set like that but I'm not sure how to go about it, do I have to flip everything in nankota-ki or do I create it how it would look facing that way then flip it?

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