Do you have a technical problem with Camila's voicebank?

Ok I've had people tell me before they have troubles making Camila sing but it turns out it's the program UTAU in general which is causing the problem because none of the other voicebanks they use seem to sing either. However, I saw in a blog of someone who has used Camila before that apparently they can't make Camila sing, yet all the other voicebanks they have do work. Now I'm not sure if I mistundersood (used Google and Babelfish translators to try to figure out what it said and I DO NOT speak any Japanese orz) but if anyone else has this problem I'd want to know and see if we can figure out what is causing the problem. I wasn't going to post her latest version yet but if it can fix the problem it might be worth a try. You can download that latest version here.

If the newer version is the one causing the problems, you can download one of the older versions here.

Please feel free to discuss the problem in this post as comments and if you want to contact me see the profile page or leave a comment. I read them all and usually reply back if it's necessary. I might be too busy later on to be able to make songs or drawings but I always take some time to check things like this.

Things to consider:
- Are you inputting the lyrics in hiragana when she won't sing?
- Are you inputting the lyrics in romaji when she won't sing?
- Did you try renaming the wav file to hiragana and see if she sang?
- Do you have the latest version of UTAU?
- Did you install UTAU or did you download the zip file?
- If you downloaded the zip file, did you install Visual Basic Runtime environment?
- Which version of Camila's voicebank (library) are you using?

That's all I can think of to consider for now. If you think of anything just write it in a comment. The problem might not be with Camila's voicebank only so we might be doing a lot of people a favor.

Hmm so I'm sure the person I directed this to read this but there is a huge communication gap. To Lostempy, I sent you a PM on Youtube I hope you can read it or at least get it. If not my suggestion is to try a clean reinstall of UTAU. Delete all the files (except your voicebanks *library* of course) and use the installer and not the zip file if you haven't already. When I upgraded from the previous version of UTAU to 2.43 I had to do a clean install because it would not work well for me. I'm still not sure what the problem could be or if I'm understanding correctly but I'm trying to help ^^ ... I need to find a translator that is not google or yahoo babelfish...


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