I was watching the UTAU Rankings which btw was awesome that Zanda was in the main picture :D and then I happened across the video that placed #14 BECAUSE CAMILO WAS CLEARLY THERE!!!!! xD
LOOK AT IT!!!!!!! Not just Camilo, Ayame is there too and so is BlytheYasashi! he's there he's there xD and I think I saw Danilo Kotone too!! So keep an eye out! Maybe your UTAUloid is there too ^^ (or their genderbend because for some reason I mostly see guys xD)

On another note, a friend of mine launched her UTAU Celestine Aoi. The link to her blog is on the right with the affiliates. The reason why I post this is so that starting now we begin support of Celestine x Camilo because she loves him plus it was her birthday recently! (sept 3 two days after mine!)

Happy Birthday Celestine by ~yesi-chan on deviantART


BlueValkyrie said…

awww pero si se ven lindos juntos, a poco no!? ^^
Heidi B. said…
(feels stupid) but where can you find the UTAU rankings?

Anyways.. Nico isn't letting me listen/watch the video. XD

I listened to Aoi-san's voice.. its cute!

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