Finished Camila's "elite" voicebank

Ok this is tentative, I recorded everything and finished the oto.ini however there might be some re-recording that needs to be done and some oto.ini configurations that need to be fixed but if you want to download the VCV triphone voicebank (vowel consonant vowel) here it is Camila's VCV triphone voicebank

Also keep in mind that that is only the VCV triphone folder which you should just put in the original voicebank to "complement" it or whatever lol. You can download Camila's voicebank here

So here is a sample of how she sounds ^^ StargazeR (Note: this is at g-15)

If you ever encounter a problem in a specific note when making Camila sing, delete the frq file for the problematic sample and run the command prompt again. That should work :D


BlueValkyrie said…
awww que linda suena~ me gusta su tierna vocecita, seguro a de tener unos que? 16años!? xD

que es eso de VCV tri...!? o.o oh bueno cuando tenga acceso mas tiempo, lo descargo hehehe

de momento hiatus, ando desanimada y algo molesta, pero seguro despues se me pasara :/

saludos a ti y a las chicas! ^^

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