So you found this vsq and...

Hey so how many times have you gotten a vsq only to import it into UTAU and see that the lyrics are all gibberish? Well I made a small program to extract the lyrics from a vsq (after it's converted to a text file) and you can download it here!

So you're wondering how to turn the vsq into txt? well download vsq2txt from the UTAU main site (scroll down)

Well that's all, happy song making!


P.S. I'm sure it's bound to have bugs so let me know if you encounter problems and I'll try to fix it. Also you guys are more than welcome to work on it too if you know how to program in C++!


BlueValkyrie said…
oh! despues te pregunto como usarlo bien, ya sabes que fallo en la vida con cosas sobre programas y eso :'D *descarga*
Uuuu! demasiado buen uso de C++ jajaja! yo te dije que yo se usar pero lo que se es super super super basico lol, solo programe un pequeño juego de RPG xD ai~ pero lo voy a bajar a ver que aprendo del codigo que usastes lol
Aster Selene said…
There's a problem with this and it's that UTAU doesn't let you copy-paste, it just replaces with a ton of question marks...Any way to fix this?

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