Camila Voicebank update

You can download the updated version here:
Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.1).zip

So I finally finished the oto.ini file for Camila's voicebank. It seems I had missed some of the Japanese syllables in the oto.ini file but now all are finished including the extra ones I recorded for the English and Spanish "functionality". Remember that to get her to sing in either of those languages it still requires more work than Japanese. Also her readme file says a few more things about the syllables in the voicebank. I re-recorded the za/ze/zi/zo/zu syllables although I don't think I did such a good job :( but I tried. Since this is still act1 I didn't re-record some of the syllables that have a little troubles but I might eventually.

I apologize for the inconvenience but it's such a minor thing that I really don't want to wait around for an hour uploading the bank again. There is a mistake in the hiragana for the "ti" syllable. Just open the oto.ini file and replace the line where the "ti" is with ti.wav=てぃ,39,108,705,12,0
If there are any major changes I will re upload but for the moment it's just that minor inconvenience ^^;


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