Camila's voicebank Edit

New edit ver 1.2 Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.2).zip

Added a few more syllables for the Spanish and English languages and included the fixed oto.ini. This is probably the last edit I'll do of her bank so don't wait up for more. If I get in the mood maybe I'll fix her more or add syllables or something but at the moment I don't feel like it.

So that's it. Make her sing if you want to and if you do you can let me know through my youtube account ^^.


Anonymous said…
You're updating too fast! I have no time to get used to her :)
Anonymous said…
OMG otro update wiii me pregunto cuales seran esas silabas *-*

estoy lenta pero coloreo a Camila para su primer video hecho por mi xD

saludos :hugs:
Yesi-chan said…
lol yes I am xD but it's only for Spanish or English songs xD the rest is intact so it shouldn't matter lol but don't worry I don't think I will update her anymore :S

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