Camila's Design Revised

When I drew Camila for the first time I just drew whatever came to mind. I didn't look at any pictures or anything. I just remembered some shoes my sister wore one time that I liked (but would never wear myself xD) and decided I wanted to draw a woman with a very fashionable style and still incorporate the things I like best. Things like ribbons and bows and braided hair because ever since I saw Tomoyo Daidouji with a braid in that one CardCaptor Sakura episode I always liked how braids look in anime style xD
And that is how Camila's design was created however I hadn't noticed until now (yes I am that out there that I don't notice things so quickly sometimes yet other times I notice even the simplest of details) that the whole braided style with a bow looks so much like Sekka Yufu so naturally I paniked and decided to change Camila's hairstyle. I didn't want to change it completely because I liked how it looked and of course I didn't want to take away the whole emo look with the hair covering her eye so I tried to incorporate the hairstyle of my Gaia Online avatar (see in the "About Camila Melodía" section how the avatar looks) and still sort of keep the braid or at least the bow at the end of her hair. So I twisted the hair sort of like Aerith even though she's not my fav final fantasy character lol and sort of like in that picture I did of Cendrillon that I was too lazy to actually draw the braid correctly. And after those changes this is the result:

Hope you like the new design and I apologize to Sekka Yufu's creator I really didn't mean for it to look similar it was really a coencidence. Now let's just hope she doesn't look like somebody else, I really don't want to have to change her again lol.


Anonymous said…
me encanto! el segundo sketch es hermoso y le va super ademas aun mantiene esa esencia de ser una joven no una 'niña' [que mucho UTAUloids se ven mas peques de lo que son x3]

por cierto seria un gran honor para mi que subieras a este espacio el video que hice con ella hehehe *-*


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