3D model Camila

I'm not sure what it is that makes it so it wouldnt let comment before but it's fixed now xD

Took me all day but I did it for fun xD.

I did this using metasequoia using the little 3D Teto model as base which I downloaded here

I did the hair and dress from scratch as well as all the texture files X_X I know I suck at 3D xD

I have no idea how to make an MMD model from this but whatever it probably can't be done since I don't think I did the body correctly so just be content with watching the picture xD. If any of you know or care e-mail me and I can send you the .mqo file or something.

Also I translated the text file that came with the original model (with google ^^;) and if it's not mistaken it said it was free to modify as long as it's not commercial use so if I'm wrong please let me know and I'll take this down ^^; But like I said I did this purely for fun and to see how Camila would look in 3D :3.


btw, Nooo que Mona esta el Nendoroid, provoca comersela ! ;O;
BlueValkyrie said…
yo podemos comentar WIII!!

si si si, esta preciosa buwaaa si la hacen mi Len no estaria solito ;A;

suerte que logres muchisimo con este modelo ;D
Biuuuu! puedo comentar!! ps sii! esta superr!!! ai quiero hacer una pero estaoy muy baga pa aprender 3D programss XD jajaja pero quedo chulisima! *eats*

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