UTAU Festival Near

I just realized that it's almost time for the UTAU Festival in Japan. The festival will take place October 24/09 and you can see some info on it here (if you can understand Japanese xD) Anyways, even though I can't be there I can't wait to see what's gonna come out of it especially since someone mailed me to ask if they could use Camila for the festival. Well I have no idea how I'm going to find out what happened but who knows maybe there will be stuff up on nico nico douga afterwards.

Wow Oct 24, that is the day my classes end for this trimester so I CAN'T WAIT! XDDD

2 weeks off after that OMG so much to catch up on I really need to draw ;_;

In the meantime, it seems like us overseas had a little festival of our own xD This vid was done by ReVoiceLoids on youtube (onaneko on deviantart)


Que cool! brutal que usen a Camila! :D :D :D :D :D es ya mismito woo! otra vez good luck en la uni! ya mismo viene el breack!
BlueValkyrie said…
wuah! que ansia quiero saber que le haran cantar, porque supongo eso hara no? xDDD

OMG si una japonesa hace cosplay yo morire *emocionada*

falta poquito aguanta Yesi y seras libre :glomp: mientras ve a mi nico o youtube, tambien al DA 8D

espero te anime un poquito ^^ saludos!
Omg omg yo tambien espero con ansias a ver que será OAO, *emoción*
Igual que mi Nee-chan, pegaré un salto fangirlistico si veo un Camila de Carne y Hueso eek! *U*
Esperaremos las fotos entonces XDDDD
Lol, tu Yesi saliendo del cole y yo apenas entrando orz~~
Suerte con eso! *3*b

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