UTAU 2.46 Problem (Fixed Camila's voicebank to work with UTAU 2.46)

I downloaded the latest UTAU but can somebody tell me why Camila just wont play in it? I get an error that says "file load error" and "infile_size:36"
I don't know what that means but maybe her voicebank is too big? I should mess around with it a bit see if I can fix it :S but any help is more than welcomed!

I noticed the new resampler is a problem because I copied the resampler from the older version into the newer version and that seems to have fixed the fact that she wont sing but I'd like to know why she wont sing at all with the new resampler :S
The new resampler seems to hate the program I used to record the files or something because I re-saved one of the files with audacity and it seems to work. I guess I'll have to re-save all 500 something odd files T_T Just in case anyone is wondering I was using Power Sound Editor Free to record so if you are using this try your utau out with the newest version and see if it works... otherwise.... doom! D: I'll try to change all the files I don't know how long it'll take but once I do I'll upload her if she works.

Re-saved all of the files using Audacity and at least Camila is singing for me in the latest version of UTAU which is 2.46 plus the voice bank is half the size of what it was before. Here is the download Camila_Melodia_act1_ver1.5d ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD.
Not much has changed from the previous version but she is now supposed to work with version 2.46. If you encounter problems let me know.
Thank you Mia Naito for your help in figuring this problem out ^^ you rock!


Es Extraño porque a mi Camila y todos los vb que tengo me funcionan muy bien O_o, que raro D:
Yesi-chan said…
pero has bajado la version mas nueva de UTAU? la 2.46 si no me equivoco. En esa version Camila no quiere funcionar y tuve que editar su vb para que funcionara.
Eeek retiro lo dicho, me lo acabo de bajar y es cierto, no funciona ;O;, en el resmpler me dice file error y cuando seleciono la cosita del Wav no suena ;O;, porqué será? Nunno si funciona D:
Yesi-chan said…
pues en realidad yo culpo el programa que use para grabar xD pero no te preocupes bajate la version mas nueva la 1.5c esa si funciona. Y actualmente estoy haciendo una version 1.5d que va a ser mas light pq va a estar en mono en vez de stereo (que es el default que me grababa por alguna razon u otra xD)

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