Marc Torres is now Marc Adagio

If you've been looking for videos of Marc on my youtube you might have noticed I changed his last name to Adagio. I opted for this change because the last name Adagio is actually a word and not a last name so it should avoid confusion with real people who have that name (I came across a musician called Marc Torres on Youtube and I wanted to avoid confusion with the mixture of videos)

I changed the name and everything and re-uploaded the voicebank. I did re-record a few files and since the last update I have fixed his oto.ini a bit, so if you're interested you can download him here:

Marc Adagio ver


Aster Selene said…
That's gonna be hard to adjust to. ^^ But it's gonna be fun, too.
Yesi-chan said…
Haha I guess but I wanted to avoid confusion with an actual singer on youtube who is Marc Torres too. I wouldn't have really cared if the person did anything else but when I make a song and say the singer is Marc Torres that could become confusing eventually xD and Adagio isn't really a last name so I doubt I'll come across a real person with the name Marc Adagio

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