Voice Bank Theft

People have been talking about it on twitter so it's hard to ignore. Apparently there have been cases of users who have stolen other voicebanks. Read more about it here.

Back when I was starting UTAU I did come across someone who was editing my voicebank but they never did upload it and they had told me about it so I was able to tell them to stop and it was resolved. But to steal a voicebank and just claim it as your own is completely inexcusable! That is someone else's voice! You can't just claim it's yours! It's very personal and I'm really appalled by all this. I've put a notice on the terms of use of my UTAU. You can use Camila's list as a model if you want to record your own but you are NOT allowed to edit the voice sample files. You can, however, mess around with the oto.ini if you feel that it needs to be configured better. But you CANNOT claim the voicebank as your own or modify the samples.

You've been warned.



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