[Vocaloid x UTAU Original] Las Noticias del Juicio - Pan con Chocolate 6th Chapter

English title: News about IA's Trial Finally, the long wait is over and we have published the last of the promised 6 chapters of the Pan con Chocolate saga! This is the last chapter of the main story but don't fret, Alex still has a few more spin-offs to go xD and then maybe I'll get inspired and work on some spin-off as well :) Resumen de la saga "Pan con Chocolate" Gakupo conoce a Maika y sus amigas en " Una Noche en el Club " (spin-off) Maika sufre una tragedia y se despide de Gakupo en " Yo te espero " (spin-off, capítulo 0) Gakupo conoce a Miku y todo termina en un desastre en el 1er capítulo " Pan con Chocolate " Gakupo le ruega a Miku que lo perdone en el 2do capítulo " Pan con Chocolate (La Respuesta) " Mientras tanto, Gumi se enterá que era "la otra" en el 3er capítulo " Tostoncito " Gakupo termina sin novias y sin casa y es encontrado por IA quien lo atiende hasta que se entera de

Love Letter (Pan Con Chocolate - Spin Off)

After the events from The Investigation and Hypocricy of Love  IA thought she had lost all hope on love and felt rejected by the world. However, one day she receives a letter from an unlikely sender who says he believes her story and will do anything to help. They keep corresponding each other until they fall in love risking her lover's career as a detective. Enjoy! ~Yesi-chan

Bruno & Clara Original Song Contest

VOTING HAS BEGUN! :D Please vote for my song if you like it here! Hi all! I entered the Bruno & Clara Original Song Contest hosted by This is my entry, I hope you like it! Please watch on Youtube and click like if you like it! Also please like my entry on Facebook and reblog on Twitter.  You can view the rankings here . Official voting starts on October 10th so keep and eye out and vote for your favorite at the rankings page when the time comes. :) Thank you! ~Yesi


I submitted a song to the Maika Original Song contest.  Wish me luck :D I had fun working on this so I hope you all enjoy it too! Please like and comment if you like the song! :)

La Plena de los Desamores

New Orignal song for Camila using the Lucid append. Title translates to: The Plena of Broken Hearts This is pretty much a sequel to Desgraciado: Though this sounds better 'cause I had help from AlexTripSands for the music xD Hope you enjoy this song in plena style which is a style of music from Puerto Rico. It always makes me want to dance. Mp3:   Niconico 【UTAU オリジナル】La Plena de los Desamores【Camila Melodía~Lucid~】 On a hot summer day Camila plans to meet with her friend Nunnorü whom she met after an unfortunate revelation that the guy they were dating (Yohji) was two timing them. Tagging along was a mutual friend Lily who seems to have gone through a similar situation with a guy whom she is too embarrassed to identify. To try to console her friend, Camila tells her stories about this guy whom she met in college who was nothing but trouble. She knew it the instant s

Happy 4th Birthday/Anniversary Camila Melodía!

In honor of Camila's 4th year of existence, I have released her Lucid append's Act2. You can download it here: (CV, VCV, Spanish, & English) Also, here is a drawing I did of a "4th year special edition" Fairy Camila - 4 year special edition by = yesi-chan on deviantART Camila - Four year Special Edition- by = yesi-chan on deviantART Special thanks to Yue, Xue, and Myst for preparing a video for her 4th birthday :) Thank you all for your support as well! ~Yesi

Pan Con Chocolate - The Saga

So this isn't really Camila related but I usually use this blog for any work I do with synthesized singing be it UTAU or VOCALOID. Last year I heard this really amazing song by  AlexTripSands  called Pan Con Chocolate.  He made this song originally with Hatsune Miku and I loved it so much I asked him if I could cover it with Camila.  The song is about a woman who gives up on her boyfriend because he is always unfaithful.  So she basically kicks him out on the street and claims he is left without his "bread with chocolate" referring to herself. original: Camila cover (This version contains an English translation in the annotations): Following this encounter, Alex and I became friends and co-producers of VOCALOID songs as I suggested  he make an acoustic version of Pan Con Chocolate and even contributed adding new lyrics to the song for this version: After we made the acoustic version, we came up with the idea of making a response song for Pan Con Chocolate.  I