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StargazeR Camila's VCV triphone voicebank

Here is the video, you know where to download ---> But just in case triphones(camila).zip VCV triphones oto.ini (I had to fix this a bit) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】 StargazeR 【Camila Melodía (g-15) VCV triphones】 Oh and again somebody drew Camila on pixiv! I'm so happy, and I think it was a request :P

¡Felicidades! Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all from us here in Puerto Rico!

Oversea UTAU Chorus :D

just when I think Camila is fading out of existence I was shown this! [NICO NICO DOUGA]『月クラフ光リアル街』を海外組12人にカバーしてもらいました。 Also I was shown this drawing in Pixiv. So pretty! I thank the person who drew this so much!

20XX UTAU Odyssey

Finally started uploading my UTAU comic. I promise soon you will find out why I chose that title xD (and if you don't get the joke then I guess I'll feel old xD) Anyways please enjoy what I have so far! Only don't expect quick updates. You can read the comic here and below is a preview :)


I had the pleasure of working on the pictures for two realizations of this song. I just love it so much! The first! and Masterchichan made his own ust! so impressive! UTAU IMITATION BLACK by ~ yesi-chan on deviantART The second! 鳥コンP's UST UTAU IMITATION BLACK 2 S.Y.Z. by ~ yesi-chan on deviantART

So you found this vsq and...

Hey so how many times have you gotten a vsq only to import it into UTAU and see that the lyrics are all gibberish? Well I made a small program to extract the lyrics from a vsq (after it's converted to a text file) and you can download it here! So you're wondering how to turn the vsq into txt? well download vsq2txt from the UTAU main site (scroll down) Well that's all, happy song making! ~Yesi-chan P.S. I'm sure it's bound to have bugs so let me know if you encounter problems and I'll try to fix it. Also you guys are more than welcome to work on it too if you know how to program in C++!

Finished Camila's "elite" voicebank

Ok this is tentative, I recorded everything and finished the oto.ini however there might be some re-recording that needs to be done and some oto.ini configurations that need to be fixed but if you want to download the VCV triphone voicebank (vowel consonant vowel) here it is Camila's VCV triphone voicebank Also keep in mind that that is only the VCV triphone folder which you should just put in the original voicebank to "complement" it or whatever lol. You can download Camila's voicebank here So here is a sample of how she sounds ^^ StargazeR (Note: this is at g-15) ON ANOTHER NOTE If you ever encounter a problem in a specific note when making Camila sing, delete the frq file for the problematic sample and run the command prompt again. That should work :D

Camila's elite voicebank test

Because I have two weeks off and nothing better to do, Yoru roped me into starting to record Camila's elite voicebank. What a pain it is to do one of those but here is a test, I wanna know what you guys think test here!