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Discotheque ★ Love

You can find the link to the ust in my ust downloads post. I added the link to the ust by Thatfiddlerontheroof as well as the link to the chorus harmonies I made. Enjoy! and please take great care in syncing :)

Let's All Pray ~ Reflective Ballad

Pretty self explanatory as there is text in the video.


Did this a looooong time ago. It was about time I uploaded lol. Ust by masao

Sort of still active in UTAU

Well with me being all busy with work and college I haven't done much after I did that Green video. But I am sorta working on a song....who knows when that'll be finished. Besides that I actually helped in the drawing for a video that bluevalkyrie did ^^ So here is our utauloids appends singing Promise :)