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Taking a Break: If I don't reply / Tomando un Descanso: Por si no respondo

I'm going to make something very clear here. I try to help people, I really do, but it really depends how you ask and that implies a lot of things. First of all you should always ask nicely, I'm serious here I've gotten messages where people DEMAND that I help them. Secondly, please send me a direct message, be it through youtube or a note on deviantart. I can't guarantee that I will help you right away but if you send me a direct message I'm more likely to actually receive it. I try to check the comments on my videos but the problem is they don't always show up on my inbox and I sometimes I do notice them randomly but I'm not always constantly looking at ALL of my video's comments individually because I have a lot of videos so please understand. The same thing applies for the comments on the blog, I mean at first it was easy to keep up but now I have a lot of posts... Well that is all I'm going to say and I guess I'm sorry if I was not abl

No more Cbox

Sorry guys but I really got tired of haters and spammers on my cbox. If you really do need help (or have something to say to me) feel free to direct message me on youtube or on deviantArt. And I'm sorry but I really don't like that my cbox has become an advertisement for people asking me to visit their blog... On another note. There are apparently a group of people attacking certain users because they are friends of one user who tried to offer constructive critique and it was misinterpreted (makes sense right? lol). I just have to say...what is up with that? Really? Try to resolve things quietly and not get others involved, especially when it's clearly a misunderstanding... I'm basically writing because I've been a victim of these attacks and really I don't get the point. If you do have a problem with me you can take it up with me privately but I just don't like that others also get wrapped up. To this user, I have nothing against you or your frie