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Camila's English put to the test

I covered this songs like a week ago and one is still incomplete but I wanted to share what I've done with Camila's English. I haven't really recorded any new syllables for Camila since some of the sounds I might need for English I simply can't pronounce as lone syllables (I can say them in words but not as lone syllables). However, as I made these English covers I modified her extended vcv's oto.ini to include more vc sounds besides the ones she already had. Basically these are the results so far :) Secret Original by aRth ust by sango312 but I had to edit it for Camila and I made use of her VVs and VCs xD Secret(camila) by Yesi_chan Hark the Herald Angel Sings Using a midi sequenced by Bob Sorem. Hark the herald Angel Sings by Yesi_chan

Blackjack & Scissorhands Cover

Camila still sings! hehe Here's another song I made her sing recently :)

I'm Still Alive!

Well I've been pretty busy but I'm still alive lol! Haven't been able to do anything with UTAU or do anything but I just wanted to share the video I was late to find xD. It's so cool finding choruses like these :) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU海外組】世界に一つだけの花【大合唱】

Taking a Break: If I don't reply / Tomando un Descanso: Por si no respondo

I'm going to make something very clear here. I try to help people, I really do, but it really depends how you ask and that implies a lot of things. First of all you should always ask nicely, I'm serious here I've gotten messages where people DEMAND that I help them. Secondly, please send me a direct message, be it through youtube or a note on deviantart. I can't guarantee that I will help you right away but if you send me a direct message I'm more likely to actually receive it. I try to check the comments on my videos but the problem is they don't always show up on my inbox and I sometimes I do notice them randomly but I'm not always constantly looking at ALL of my video's comments individually because I have a lot of videos so please understand. The same thing applies for the comments on the blog, I mean at first it was easy to keep up but now I have a lot of posts... Well that is all I'm going to say and I guess I'm sorry if I was not abl

No more Cbox

Sorry guys but I really got tired of haters and spammers on my cbox. If you really do need help (or have something to say to me) feel free to direct message me on youtube or on deviantArt. And I'm sorry but I really don't like that my cbox has become an advertisement for people asking me to visit their blog... On another note. There are apparently a group of people attacking certain users because they are friends of one user who tried to offer constructive critique and it was misinterpreted (makes sense right? lol). I just have to say...what is up with that? Really? Try to resolve things quietly and not get others involved, especially when it's clearly a misunderstanding... I'm basically writing because I've been a victim of these attacks and really I don't get the point. If you do have a problem with me you can take it up with me privately but I just don't like that others also get wrapped up. To this user, I have nothing against you or your frie

Promoting some more videos!

Seems there were a few videos made a bit after Camila's birthday either randomly or celebrating her 2 year existence so I just thought I'd post some here: [NICO NICO DOUGA]【Camila Melodia】 指輪 【UTAUカバー】

Vsq Lyric Extractor Update

I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I had problems with the code. I finally figured out how to make it work like I wanted (though I didn't quite do the code how I wanted so if anyone thinks of a way to make it better feel free to modify the code since I include the source code) Here is the update: This update was done because for a while now when you input romaji lyrics without separating them with a space or with "" they will be put together in the same note. That is convenient when creating a ust with romaji lyrics so that you don't have to put "" all the time, however some vsq's do have random English characters that get grouped together in a ust. Usually they are meant to stretch out a note or for breathing so you'll have to make sure to edit the ust if necessary after you input the lyrics. More instructions are in the readme file but you are welcomed to ask questions. I also noticed that this progra

Happy Birthday Camila!

Well it's already May 27th which means it's Camila's birthday. This is her second birthday! I'm glad to be able to post something this year at least. [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU オリジナル】Llorar【Camila Melodía】 On other news. I don't know if any of you remember that last year I made my own 3D model of Camila from scratch. Well a few months ago pikboy8 added bones and some physics to it but I'm still looking for someone who can add physics to the dress and perhaps fix the model a bit. Here is a sample of the model in action :) (I know the song doesn't particularly fit her and it's weird to see her jump around in those heels but it's the only motion data I had xD)


First of all I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO! (It was done by ankariisme) But I found it hilarious enough to share! Plus I thought it deserved an English translation so I translated it for those who don't know Spanish (or Japanese because it has Japanese subs on nico xD) English translation: "MarQchisan estubo aquí" (MarQchisan waz here) *purposely mispelled* Luka: What are you going to do dressed like that? Miku: We're going to sing! Gakupo: but the song is kinda ugly isn't it? Luka: Horrible! I'm not going to sing that! Have fun! Gakupo: Luka! don't leave me alone! Miku: Shhh! Gakupo we're going to start! Gakupo: Sorry... In this special day, I want to thank MarQchisan Thanks to him the Japanese known How badly Spanish is really spoken In each video MarQchisan sees He leaves his signature for the future However his grammar leaves a lot to be desired Because "Estubo aquí" should be written with a "v" Gakupo: Why does he says he was there

A very Lucky day!

I'm so happy today! I became an aunt! and several other good things happened! [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU 英語カバー】 Sky High 【Camila Melodía】 I know at least Camila is not forgotten ^^

Random Post

Random promo :D [NICO NICO DOUGA]【カミラ、カラス、ミト、スイム、ルト】人柱アリス【手書きPV…?】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】アンチクロロベンゼン【ばかワイズ・Camila Melodia・甘美音流行】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【Camila Melodia】Fly me to the moon【UTAUカバー】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】 La Isla Bonita 【Camila Melodía】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 『Memories』 【Camila Melodia】

Breathe ~ust download~

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 呼吸【凪音陽司】 Enjoy! ust download: Breathe ust by

In honor of Holy Week

Because it is Holy Week (and already for me it's Holy Friday) I decided I wanted to upload a video relating to it because of my religion. I decided to make some music so I could make Camila's Opera Append sing the Our Father prayer in Spanish. I do hope you like it regardless of your religion, I mean music is a type of art and it's meant to express the artist's emotions right? On another note, I'm still working on Camila's Opera Append as I find that there are still a few syllables I need to re-record. The append is available as closed beta so anyone who wants to help catch these syllables that need re-recording should send me a message on youtube (I only ask that you do not redistribute without permission as it is a closed beta distribution) I also want to record lower syllables to give her a bit more range since there are songs that start off around C4 (which this append can't sing properly) and then go really high. I'll get around to that once my t

Mr. Music Covers + Ust link

Finally the ust is up! StarfishAnge has the link in his cover *watch below* (click the Youtube button to go to the video page) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 Mr.Music + PV And also, here's my cover :) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 Mr.Music

Weekday (Cloudy)

I decided to make a cover of Len's Weekday (Cloudy) with Urel Myoune. I hope you like it ^^. [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 平日(くもり)【妙音ウレル】 ust download: weekday cloudy ust by It also has an mp3 of Urel's cover. I also made Marc Adagio sing the song out of boredom lol. It's not half bad imo.

Camila Melodía ~Opera Append~

I was making Camila sing Ave Maria (Schubert) and it gave me the idea to record an opera append. Also since it's taking a while I wanted to test the append with a complete ust. This is the result. Also remember this is an opera append so it's hard to record very understandable please just ignore that and enjoy the sound orz....... Also the ust is in only hiragana and she's supposed to be singing in German so yeah... Queen of the Night Aria Ust by Muno. [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 Königin der Nacht 夜の女王のアリア【Camila Melodía~Opera Append~】 Finally finished making her sing Ave Maria - Schubert and this is the result. I hope you all like it ^^

Promoting some videos!

I'm only promoting videos that don't have that many views on youtube. That doesn't mean I didn't like others that people have made (In fact I try to put them all on my playlist :D) This is the playlist of Camila videos I've found on youtube. None of the videos in this playlist were done by me by the way. Also I'm only promoting videos with Camila or covers of my songs for obvious reasons. None of the videos below were done by me by the way.

Prism Heart

I'll be out for a week but I leave you guys with this :) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 Prism Heart【Camila Melodía】 This is the result of a collaboration between Felicia-val and me. It was fun working on this together :) prism heart ust by felicia_val and EDIT Also I was bored when I got to the airport in Boston so I mixed this real quick :) Camila Melodía ~Lucid~ and Stella Hoshine sweet append singing Reverse Rainbow

A Specific UTAUloid not singing for you?

You'll have to thank aerendyll for this one as I kind of didn't think of this problem before. So let's say you have an UTAUloid but s/he refuses to sing, then try this out! If most of the UTAUloids you downloaded work except for one or two, check the UTAUloid's folder name. For some people, UTAU wont read folders that have spaces in them so you will have to rename the folders to eliminate the spaces. In my case, UTAU wont read any folder that has accents or special characters (like Tony Yonné). Again, if this happens, just rename the folder until it works. Agradezcanle a aerendyll que a mi se me olvido que esto era un problema xD. Supongamos que tiene un UTAUloid que bajo ningunas circumstcancias quiere cantar, entonces intente esto: Si la mayoria de los UTAUloids que bajo funcionan excepto uno que otro, verifiquen el nombre de la carpeta. Para algunas personas UTAU no lee carpetas que tienen espacios por lo tanto tienen que cambiar el nombre de la carpeta y quitar

Discotheque ★ Love

You can find the link to the ust in my ust downloads post. I added the link to the ust by Thatfiddlerontheroof as well as the link to the chorus harmonies I made. Enjoy! and please take great care in syncing :)

Let's All Pray ~ Reflective Ballad

Pretty self explanatory as there is text in the video.


Did this a looooong time ago. It was about time I uploaded lol. Ust by masao

Sort of still active in UTAU

Well with me being all busy with work and college I haven't done much after I did that Green video. But I am sorta working on a song....who knows when that'll be finished. Besides that I actually helped in the drawing for a video that bluevalkyrie did ^^ So here is our utauloids appends singing Promise :)

This is some serious business

I came across this deviantart journal recently and really I can't believe what I'm reading. I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the rules that have been stated for making an UTAUloid. For those who don't know them, I'll list them again here: "You may enjoy yourself, but do not break the law or violate somebody else's rights. All "UTAU" users must follow these rules!! •Don't create voice bank from a real singer's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from a real actor/actress's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from a real voice actor/actress's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from the output of “Vocaloid” products, which explicitly forbid such a usage. •Don't create voice bank from the output of other voice synthesizers without permission. Breaking the rules will result in the accusation against you, and may even Mr. 飴屋/菖蒲 (Ameya/Ayame) as an accomplice

Thanks for the cover! ;D

Well since I'm not very active lately because I've been so busy I'll just embed a video a friend made :) thanks Usagix3 for making Camila sing ^^ I really like how she sounds here :) She's also been part of a few choruses. Here's one of the more recent ones Thank you guys for making her sing! I do watch most of the videos people make with Camila (I try to watch them all but I guess I can't find all of them ^^;) but I really enjoy them and I try to add them to my playlist :) Just remember to keep the music in UTAU :D ~Yesi

Green Green ~Euglena~ Midori & Tei

I finally make these two sing a whole song ^^ [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】グリーングリーン~ミドリムシ~【印綬音ミドリ&静歌テイ】 ust: Green Green ust by

Futairo (Twin Colors)

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー曲/連続音】双色 【星音ステラ & Camila Melodía】 I loved the song and decided to cover it :) Ust download: