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Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders (directories)

I wrote a tutorial on creating a voicebank with mutiple folders. I've noticed some people don't know how to use them or why you would want to make such a voicebank but hopefully this tutorial will help explain that. Because of Internet troubles I was having, I ended up making the tutorial in word so I have the document here for download. The document is in the old .doc format so anyone with Office earlier than 2007 can view it. You should also be able to view it if you have or LibreOffice Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders.doc For those of you who don't have Microsoft Office, or LibreOffice, the document is also available in Rich Text Format (rtf) Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders.rtf It includes images so I couldn't make it into a simple txt file and I think this way it is easier to look at. ===================================================================================== He escrito un tutorial sobre como crear un U

Romaji CV to VCV converter

Romaji CV to VCV Converter I basically copy pasted the readme for this post so if you read this you can ignore the readme.txt lol. This program is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. This program converts a CV romaji ust into a VCV romaji ust. To use this program you must make sure that the ust file you want to convert is in the same folder as the executable. Run romaji_cv2vcv.exe and at the prompt type in the ust file name. The file name may contain spaces and you do not need to include the file extension but if you do have problems you should try renaming the file so that it does not contain spaces and including the extension when running this program. Note: This is intended for ust files only so if you forget to write the extension (or write a different extension than .ust) the program will automatically assume it is a ust file and add that extension. The program will also ask you the name of an output file. This was sort of l