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For those of you who can only use UTAU with Romaji

It seems I forgot to put an alias in romaji for Camila's VCV. The alias is "u da". The sound is there but the alias in romaji is not. It is, however, present in hiragana so all you have to do is find it, duplicate it and put the corresponding alias. But if you can't find it for whatever reason (mainly your computer doesn't recognize the hiragana characters) then I fixed the oto.ini and uploaded it here. Act2_fixed_vcv_oto.ini Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember to put this oto.ini in the vcv folder of Camila's act2 voicebank. Ciaos and happy song making!


I included the ust in the ust download section.


It's hard to believe that by doing nothing Camila and I have caused so much trouble orz. I had said before I wanted an MMD model of Camila but I'd love to have an original one made by me (highly unlikely since I don't know 3D modeling) or someone that I meet that knows 3D modeling. But some people good at using pmd editor have made models of Camila editing already existing models. Sure they are great but I don't want any trouble with the original creators of the models orz orz orz. So I want to apologize to everybody for this and any misunderstandings that have arrived and I would like to please ask anybody who tries to make a pmd edit model of Camila NOT TO. That is unless you have permission and know you have permission. Wouldn't want you to waste your time for nothing. Well that is all I have to say MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES! GOMENASAI! ごめんなさい! (Can't speak Japanese but I at least know that word D: so sorry to any modelers out there.) ~Yesi

Camilo sings with Act2!

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】Pane dhiria【Camilo Adagio】 Testing his voice with Act2. Camilo doesn't get enough love from me I guess xD

Camila's English Reclist

I've been asked before for her English reclist so here it is. It's not the best nor the longest thing and it's used together with the Japanese part of the voicebank to complement it. If you have doubts of how to record these think of English consonants and Japanese or Spanish vowels (they sound the same a(ah) e(eh) i(ee) o(oh) u(ooh)) If you still have doubts you can always contact me on twitter, youtube, deviantart, leave a comment here or even on the cbox. Also feel free to add your own sounds or remove whatever you think isn't necessary. Some samples have a 1 next to them, well that's because there is already a Japanese sample with that name and in English it will sound different. Also, whatever ends in "i" or "u" shouldn't be recorded too long or else it wont make a difference in UTAU. Since the list is so long you can take a look at it here Camila's English reclist I tried to upload it as a text file but I'm having problems so

Camila Melodía Act 2 Release

So I re-recorded Camila ALL OF IT O_O so here is a sample of her new VCV ^^ [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】蒼い鳥【Camila Melodía】 Here is testing her English in Act2 You can download on the right --> But just in case, here is a direct link Camila Melodia This model is up for download

Magical ☆ Nuko Yoru

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】マジカル☆ぬこヨル【戦音ヨル】 I had fun xD