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Presenting Marc Torres Adagio, new UTAU :D

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】 鳥の詩【Marc Torres】 download on the right xD Oh yeah! I edited the download section to make it less cluttered :D if there is something that used to be there but you can't find make sure to click on all the links I posted and you might find it. If you still can't find it drop me a line on the cbox :)

【UTAUオリジナル】Escape from Freedom【鈴音アリカ、他】

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUオリジナル】Escape from Freedom【鈴音アリカ、他】 Song by hashibami. Isn't it awesome? Arika, Camila, Celestine and Ebi all singing together an original song! *o*