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Camila's Original Concept Art Finished!

When I first created Camila I just did a sketch of her and for the longest time that was her "official concept art".  I have finally taken the time to finish up her original concept art and here it is.  I hope you all like it. You are free to use this for videos as long as you credit me and do not alter or remove my signature from her dress. UTAU Camila Melodia - Official concept art by = yesi-chan on deviantART Camila Melodía concept art by yesi-chan on pixiv

Camila gets to dance with her friend!

Feli did me the favor of making Camila dance with Stella ^^. She's always liked my model and been very supportive, even trying to point out people who could help. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate other close friends who have been very supportive of this model like BlueValkyrie, Aerendyll, Yue and Myst. Without Aerendyll I don't think I've ever would've started and BlueValkyrie, Yue and Myst have always told me the model is great for an amateur's effort and they make me realize I've done something that not many in the overseas community can do. So yeah I still think the model is not all that great, but at least she doesn't look too bad next to another model I think! Oh and last but not least, many thanks to pikboy8 and DEN2NeruAkita without whom, the model would never have been able to move or even show expressions!  

Llorar Remastered

Just thought I'd share the amazing remastered version of Llorar. The remastering of the music is all thanks to AlexTrip Sands And on nico:

Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders (directories)

I wrote a tutorial on creating a voicebank with mutiple folders. I've noticed some people don't know how to use them or why you would want to make such a voicebank but hopefully this tutorial will help explain that. Because of Internet troubles I was having, I ended up making the tutorial in word so I have the document here for download. The document is in the old .doc format so anyone with Office earlier than 2007 can view it. You should also be able to view it if you have or LibreOffice Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders.doc For those of you who don't have Microsoft Office, or LibreOffice, the document is also available in Rich Text Format (rtf) Creating a Voicebank with Multiple Folders.rtf It includes images so I couldn't make it into a simple txt file and I think this way it is easier to look at. ===================================================================================== He escrito un tutorial sobre como crear un U

Romaji CV to VCV converter

Romaji CV to VCV Converter I basically copy pasted the readme for this post so if you read this you can ignore the readme.txt lol. This program is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. This program converts a CV romaji ust into a VCV romaji ust. To use this program you must make sure that the ust file you want to convert is in the same folder as the executable. Run romaji_cv2vcv.exe and at the prompt type in the ust file name. The file name may contain spaces and you do not need to include the file extension but if you do have problems you should try renaming the file so that it does not contain spaces and including the extension when running this program. Note: This is intended for ust files only so if you forget to write the extension (or write a different extension than .ust) the program will automatically assume it is a ust file and add that extension. The program will also ask you the name of an output file. This was sort of l

La Investigación - English Translation

Kaito: Please answer me, miss. What exactly happened? If I understood you correctly, you say he abused you... You two fought and you were afraid because his strength was superior, and a little gal like you could not handle such a brute... What I don't understand is Why was the knife on his back? I'm sorry miss but I think he was running away from you! IA: Don't you understand that it's hard to maintain my composure when a man like that mistreats and tortures me? I don't think it's a good idea for me to keep answering your questions until I see my assigned lawyer here... Chorus: These stories don't match up. This case is a mess! The evidence doesn't match up with the confession. Bruno: Let me know if I'm wrong, there was nothing between the two of you but she got so pissed like some crazy desperate chick... That girl is very pretty, It's so obvious you were living together! You guys were not "just friends&q