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Happy Birthday Camila!

Well it's already May 27th which means it's Camila's birthday. This is her second birthday! I'm glad to be able to post something this year at least. [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU オリジナル】Llorar【Camila Melodía】 On other news. I don't know if any of you remember that last year I made my own 3D model of Camila from scratch. Well a few months ago pikboy8 added bones and some physics to it but I'm still looking for someone who can add physics to the dress and perhaps fix the model a bit. Here is a sample of the model in action :) (I know the song doesn't particularly fit her and it's weird to see her jump around in those heels but it's the only motion data I had xD)


First of all I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO! (It was done by ankariisme) But I found it hilarious enough to share! Plus I thought it deserved an English translation so I translated it for those who don't know Spanish (or Japanese because it has Japanese subs on nico xD) English translation: "MarQchisan estubo aquí" (MarQchisan waz here) *purposely mispelled* Luka: What are you going to do dressed like that? Miku: We're going to sing! Gakupo: but the song is kinda ugly isn't it? Luka: Horrible! I'm not going to sing that! Have fun! Gakupo: Luka! don't leave me alone! Miku: Shhh! Gakupo we're going to start! Gakupo: Sorry... In this special day, I want to thank MarQchisan Thanks to him the Japanese known How badly Spanish is really spoken In each video MarQchisan sees He leaves his signature for the future However his grammar leaves a lot to be desired Because "Estubo aquí" should be written with a "v" Gakupo: Why does he says he was there

A very Lucky day!

I'm so happy today! I became an aunt! and several other good things happened! [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU 英語カバー】 Sky High 【Camila Melodía】 I know at least Camila is not forgotten ^^

Random Post

Random promo :D [NICO NICO DOUGA]【カミラ、カラス、ミト、スイム、ルト】人柱アリス【手書きPV…?】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】アンチクロロベンゼン【ばかワイズ・Camila Melodia・甘美音流行】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【Camila Melodia】Fly me to the moon【UTAUカバー】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】 La Isla Bonita 【Camila Melodía】 [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAUカバー】 『Memories』 【Camila Melodia】