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La Investigación - English Translation

Kaito: Please answer me, miss. What exactly happened? If I understood you correctly, you say he abused you... You two fought and you were afraid because his strength was superior, and a little gal like you could not handle such a brute... What I don't understand is Why was the knife on his back? I'm sorry miss but I think he was running away from you! IA: Don't you understand that it's hard to maintain my composure when a man like that mistreats and tortures me? I don't think it's a good idea for me to keep answering your questions until I see my assigned lawyer here... Chorus: These stories don't match up. This case is a mess! The evidence doesn't match up with the confession. Bruno: Let me know if I'm wrong, there was nothing between the two of you but she got so pissed like some crazy desperate chick... That girl is very pretty, It's so obvious you were living together! You guys were not "just friends&q