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【UTAU】UTAUloidの秘密はいかが?【Camila, Ayame, Yuki, Kenta, Anaka, Siena】

So many UTAUloids together you can't tell who is who when singing lol 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】UTAUloidの秘密はいかが?【Camila, Ayame, Yuki, Kenta, Anaka, Siena】 On another note, SkyIsland made Camila sing Palette (an original Luka song... I think xD) and yeah Picutre by me xD 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Palette【Camila Melodía】

Kenta and Danilo sing Tori no Uta

So it's not Camila singing this time but I thought I'd post other stuff I work on too :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】 鳥の詩【地ク音ケンタx Danilo Kotone】

Camila's VoiceBank Download (Old Versions Links)

I'll just post the link to the previous versions here so that the side doesn't get too crowded with stuff. I update her too much orz and I kinda rushed on this big update because I wont be available for a while but hopefully I won't decide to update anymore for a whiiiiile (lol you guys must hate me now xD) Please download the latest version which you can see on the side.---> I just want to keep these old versions just in case. Please remember if you download her and use it, if you can please let me know :D I like to see what people make her sing ^^. Also keep it tasteful! I really don't want her singing anything offensive or distasteful. Any version previous to 1.3 only works with any version of UTAU previous to 2.46. All others work with the newer versions of UTAU. Please download the latest voicebank from the download section ---> Previous version: Camila Melodia Lucid - (CV & Spanish) Mediafire MIRROR Camila Melodia

Linaria Chapter 2 ~First PV!!!!

A collaborative effor between Th3SilentOn3 , BlueValkyrie and me! 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】リナリア - 第二章 - 【園生菖蒲・CamilaMelodia】・PV

Camila's Voice Bank Update

New update! Ok maybe I'm too fast with the updates but I fixed a few things and deleted some redundant syllables. I re-recorded a few files that were annoying, and some that needed fixing. Also fixed the oto.ini for these files as well as some that needed some fixing. If I do fix up the oto.ini file I'll only upload it if it's very necesary and I only upload new voicebank if I re-record files. You can download the new voicebank here: Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.3).zip Oh by the way, If any of you are having trouble making her sing (that she sounds kinda broken) the problem might be that you need to download something with visual basic or something like that (I suggest you put the UTAU page through google translator to make your way around it and you might actually be able to fix the problem) I'm not exactly sure how it's done considering I never had that problem, but I know someone who did and that's how they fixed it! Well have fun! Something extra!!! Look at

Camila and Kotodama duet

This was fun, hard but fun xD I wanted it to sound good and not just half assed (you know like my other spanish or english songs? lol) also the ust is there for download. The zip has a password but like it says it's very easy to figure out, it's in the title ;D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Phantom of the Opera オペラ座の怪人(Spanish) 【CamilaMelodia x コトダマ】

Dreaming Little Bird (Dream come true xD)

I always wanted to do this song! so I was finally able to with help from friends and fellow UTAU users :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU 】夢みることり (Dreaming Little Bird) 【Yuki, Ayame, Camila, Danilo and Anaka 】