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Making an UTAU Tutorial

Well I finally added my oto.ini tutorial to this blog. You can find that tutorial here as well as on the Downloads section on the right ---> It's not a tutorial to download but I do link to a bunch of downloads so I added it to that section of the blog. If I ever make anymore tutorials I might just link them in that section as well. Well that's all, good luck making your own UTAU, fixing your already existing voicebank, or even giving VCV a try. Please feel free to leave any questions you have either on the cbox, DA note, or as a comment to this post or the tutorial post (I'll try to check the tutorial post in case I get questions but might forget and not notice ^^;) ~Yesi

How to make an oto.ini BASIC TUTORIAL

Before you begin reading it's very important that you know the rules about making an UTAUloid. I'll list them below, and I found them in this guide to make your own UTAUloid which you can download here . "You may enjoy yourself, but do not break the law or violate somebody else's rights. All "UTAU" users must follow these rules!! •Don't create voice bank from a real singer's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from a real actor/actress's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from a real voice actor/actress's voice without permission. •Don't create voice bank from the output of “Vocaloid” products, which explicitly forbid such a usage. •Don't create voice bank from the output of other voice synthesizers without permission. Breaking the rules will result in the accusation against you, and may even Mr. 飴屋/菖蒲 (Ameya/Ayame) as an accomplice. Such a situation will terminate the free "UTAU"

UTAU Random Facts about Camila Melodía

I saw Yue's post and I wanted to try too! -Camila is Puerto Rican ^^; yes yes this is VERY important. -Camila is a Fairy. -Camila likes to help people. -Camila dreams of one day singing a song with her idol Marc Anthony. -She likes sweets, especially chocolate, pumpkin pie, and Christmas Puerto Rican desserts like tembleque xD. -She LOVES salsa, singing it, dancing it and listening to it. -She is very emotional. -She is the one who keeps the MELODY Family/Company together -Her first name comes from the awesome Mexican singing group Camila as well as from the protagonist of the novela Pasión. While her last name is just the word "melody" in Spanish. -SHE LOVES MATH! Heck she sung e xD -Nobody seems to pay attention to her in class. (She teaches musical theory at Virtuoso Academy so no wonder xD) -She is 20 years old but for a fairy that is still really young. -She has no idea that Marc Torres is EVIL EVIL! -She scolds Camilo for smoking A LOT! -She goes to Nurse Yue for

Camila Melodía UPDATE ver.2.2

This is a small update but there are a few fixes as well as a few additions to the voicebank. This update includes: - improved oto.ini for CV - fixed some parts of the oto.ini for VCV - addition of "xa, xe, xi, xo, xu" sounds to the English voicebank It might have some other fixes and additions that I don't remember at the moment but this voicebank has worked for me so far and if you find you are missing somethings I encourage you to download it. ---->DOWNLOAD ダウンロード<---- Camila Melodia

Lily Trial run!

Well Yoru told me about Lily's 30 day free trial and at first I didn't want to download more stuff (oh my poor computer xD) but then I thought about it since everyone was saying how hard she was to use and I wanted to try. So here is the result! [NICO NICO DOUGA]【VOCALOID2 Lily】Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily)【オリジナル】 Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily) This is a tango I composed a few months back in fact I had this done before school was over in May but I couldn't finish the lyrics but once I started thinking the lyrics up for Lily instead of Camila they just sorta flowed xD. Oh and thanks to D-Artemisatto for ideas for the lyrics. Her ideas helped me come up with the lyrics faster :) This song is about a woman who was betrayed by her lover and in the end she poisons him but she thinks/wishes it was all a dream and blames someone else for what happened. Lyrics: Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily) No, culpable no soy, Mira bien los hechos. Creeme, lloro aquel calor que extraño,