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Ok so it's not quite October yet but it will be tomorow xD. Halloween tricotrí Dame chavos no maní No te escondas que te vi En la casa del coquí Translation: "Halloween trick or treat Give me money not candy Don't hide because I already saw you In the house of the coquí" Some little song kids sing when they go out trick or treating here. Hmmm I wonder... It's already October which means this is my last month of the trimester and things might get hectic with the schoolwork but at the same time I want to work on trying to make some UTAUloids sing that song at least before the month is over :O. Granted it'll probably just be Siena, Camila and their genderbends considering they are the only completed Puerto Rican UTAUloids I know. However if Rei and Hanaka Itsu are finished I might try to include them to make it seem like a lot of kids are chanting it xD. I don't even know where to start, it's a short song and I dunno if to give it some bg music since

Camilo x Celestine

I put the song together a while back but no picture to go with it. Thank you BlueValkyrie for the sketch and coloring (I only inked it badly orz). So you see Camila and Camilo are still around singing even if I'm not willing and able ^^; Yume miru kotori CxC by ~ BlueValkyrie on deviant ART On another note, Camilo and Celestine sing this song with other oversea UTAU :D


This thing should have the awesome smiley 8D I think it was based on the Gaia icon maybe xD Anyways thank you so much to the person who drew this (I believe the author name is on the embed) :3

Alice Human Sacrifice with Oversea UTAUs!

【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU海外音源】絵本人柱アリス【カバー】 Such wonderful videos like this give me strength! It's all UTAUs of people I know! So happy! 8D It's amazing the things you find by chance ^.^


I guess I have very low morale or something but a lot of things are piling up. I got sick so I neglected school a bit, now gotta go catch up. Also as a result I've been kinda down and it doesnt help some jerk comes and insult Oversea UTAU makers (though they referred to all as American it's still annoying anyway). Let's see, I won't delete the videos that are already up (unless youtube comes and persecutes everyone lol) but I don't think I'm in the mood to make anymore UTAU videos, at least not at the moment, or even post to nico. I guess I can still help so let me know if you want help. I really wanted to help UTAU makers to avoid things like this but I guess some people just dont care and do a half baked job...that's not really fair because then they lump everyone together and insult everyone even though I know with a little more work everyone can produce a decent UTAUloid and avoid this kind of humiliation. I don't know make more reasearch before


Tried making Camila sing in English again... maybe it was a fail xD

Crisis averted

It seems 4shared is back online but I'll still keep the mediafire download active just in case. On another note, a friend of mine said he saw someone cosplay as Camila on NDK but his camera ate the pictures or something xD If you have a picture or know the person who cosplayed (unless he is pulling my leg lol) let me know please I'd like to see :3 e-mail's on the profile page (I need some sunshine on this cloudy day T_T) Also to those who I owe drawings (like 3 or 5 I have to finish orz) I'm sorry it's taken so long. I've been studying (for a test I think I failed due to a stupid mistake I made even though I knew how to do everything! T_T) and in the free time I find I open the program but I can't just continue T_T I hate getting art blocks I really do and in moments like this I can only sketch crappy stuff but never really finish anything. I'm sorry but I will try to finish when I get the willingness to finish anything. Also if you see that I finish

Download Host Problem

It seems 4shared has been hacked or something (gasp) :S So I put Camila's latest voicebank download with mediafire as an alternate download. If you want to download her you can download her here Camila Melodia (act1 ver.1.5).zip . Sorry for the inconvenience but I won't upload the rest of the stuff unless it takes too long for 4shared to get their act together. I did however re-upload the nantokaki characters for Camila and Camilo to mediafire. I guess I'll stick to uploading there for now. But you'll have to wait for the mp3s.


I was watching the UTAU Rankings which btw was awesome that Zanda was in the main picture :D and then I happened across the video that placed #14 BECAUSE CAMILO WAS CLEARLY THERE!!!!! xD LOOK AT IT!!!!!!! Not just Camilo, Ayame is there too and so is BlytheYasashi! he's there he's there xD and I think I saw Danilo Kotone too!! So keep an eye out! Maybe your UTAUloid is there too ^^ (or their genderbend because for some reason I mostly see guys xD) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】UTAU節【かれーそうめんず&UTAU男性?オールスター】 On another note, a friend of mine launched her UTAU Celestine Aoi. The link to her blog is on the right with the affiliates. The reason why I post this is so that starting now we begin support of Celestine x Camilo because she loves him plus it was her birthday recently! (sept 3 two days after mine!) Happy Birthday Celestine by ~ yesi-chan on deviant ART