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UTAU Winter 2009 Song Competition Entry

Well here is my entry! Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】 Silent Night 【Camila Melodía】

StargazeR Camila's VCV triphone voicebank

Here is the video, you know where to download ---> But just in case triphones(camila).zip VCV triphones oto.ini (I had to fix this a bit) [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】 StargazeR 【Camila Melodía (g-15) VCV triphones】 Oh and again somebody drew Camila on pixiv! I'm so happy, and I think it was a request :P

¡Felicidades! Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all from us here in Puerto Rico!

Oversea UTAU Chorus :D

just when I think Camila is fading out of existence I was shown this! [NICO NICO DOUGA]『月クラフ光リアル街』を海外組12人にカバーしてもらいました。 Also I was shown this drawing in Pixiv. So pretty! I thank the person who drew this so much!

20XX UTAU Odyssey

Finally started uploading my UTAU comic. I promise soon you will find out why I chose that title xD (and if you don't get the joke then I guess I'll feel old xD) Anyways please enjoy what I have so far! Only don't expect quick updates. You can read the comic here and below is a preview :)


I had the pleasure of working on the pictures for two realizations of this song. I just love it so much! The first! and Masterchichan made his own ust! so impressive! UTAU IMITATION BLACK by ~ yesi-chan on deviantART The second! 鳥コンP's UST UTAU IMITATION BLACK 2 S.Y.Z. by ~ yesi-chan on deviantART

So you found this vsq and...

Hey so how many times have you gotten a vsq only to import it into UTAU and see that the lyrics are all gibberish? Well I made a small program to extract the lyrics from a vsq (after it's converted to a text file) and you can download it here! So you're wondering how to turn the vsq into txt? well download vsq2txt from the UTAU main site (scroll down) Well that's all, happy song making! ~Yesi-chan P.S. I'm sure it's bound to have bugs so let me know if you encounter problems and I'll try to fix it. Also you guys are more than welcome to work on it too if you know how to program in C++!

Finished Camila's "elite" voicebank

Ok this is tentative, I recorded everything and finished the oto.ini however there might be some re-recording that needs to be done and some oto.ini configurations that need to be fixed but if you want to download the VCV triphone voicebank (vowel consonant vowel) here it is Camila's VCV triphone voicebank Also keep in mind that that is only the VCV triphone folder which you should just put in the original voicebank to "complement" it or whatever lol. You can download Camila's voicebank here So here is a sample of how she sounds ^^ StargazeR (Note: this is at g-15) ON ANOTHER NOTE If you ever encounter a problem in a specific note when making Camila sing, delete the frq file for the problematic sample and run the command prompt again. That should work :D

Camila's elite voicebank test

Because I have two weeks off and nothing better to do, Yoru roped me into starting to record Camila's elite voicebank. What a pain it is to do one of those but here is a test, I wanna know what you guys think test here!

Pescador de Hombres

I HAD TO RE-UPLOAD THIS VIDEO BECAUSE I HAD MADE A MISTAKE BEFORE AND TONY COULDN'T BE HEARD That's the name of the song. So I have two weeks off before another trimester starts and I'm busy again. please enjoy, I love this song a lot

Camila sings E.F.B~恒久の氷結~

:O I wouldn't have guessed she would sound good singing it ^^ but listen for yourself! Thank you so much Lostempty for making her sing ^^ also check out Lostempty's blog (I'm sorry I do not know their name ^^;) 【ニコニコ動画】【CamilaMelodia】E.F.B~恒久の氷結~【UTAU】 And the picture: @BlueValkyrie (Celestine Aoi's voicer) Thank you for finding this! I've had a very bad day (I got sick ugh) and this made it better :D

Happy Halloween!!!! *early* XD

I drew the picture, duh xD I'll upload it when I get home from school! ah it feels nice to draw something with all this stress in the middle but I only did it because it was half started already and I offered to draw it so once again I must state I'M NOT TAKING REQUEST!!! *at least not yet* Trick and Treat by ~ yesi-chan on deviantART

UTAU 2.46 Problem (Fixed Camila's voicebank to work with UTAU 2.46)

I downloaded the latest UTAU but can somebody tell me why Camila just wont play in it? I get an error that says "file load error" and "infile_size:36" I don't know what that means but maybe her voicebank is too big? I should mess around with it a bit see if I can fix it :S but any help is more than welcomed! I noticed the new resampler is a problem because I copied the resampler from the older version into the newer version and that seems to have fixed the fact that she wont sing but I'd like to know why she wont sing at all with the new resampler :S The new resampler seems to hate the program I used to record the files or something because I re-saved one of the files with audacity and it seems to work. I guess I'll have to re-save all 500 something odd files T_T Just in case anyone is wondering I was using Power Sound Editor Free to record so if you are using this try your utau out with the newest version and see if it works... otherwise.... doom! D:

UTAU Festival Near

I just realized that it's almost time for the UTAU Festival in Japan. The festival will take place October 24/09 and you can see some info on it here (if you can understand Japanese xD) Anyways, even though I can't be there I can't wait to see what's gonna come out of it especially since someone mailed me to ask if they could use Camila for the festival. Well I have no idea how I'm going to find out what happened but who knows maybe there will be stuff up on nico nico douga afterwards. Wow Oct 24, that is the day my classes end for this trimester so I CAN'T WAIT! XDDD 2 weeks off after that OMG so much to catch up on I really need to draw ;_; In the meantime, it seems like us overseas had a little festival of our own xD This vid was done by ReVoiceLoids on youtube (onaneko on deviantart) 【ニコニコ動画】[UTAU] メルト合唱

3D model Camila

EDIT I'm not sure what it is that makes it so it wouldnt let comment before but it's fixed now xD ================================================================================ Took me all day but I did it for fun xD. I did this using metasequoia using the little 3D Teto model as base which I downloaded here I did the hair and dress from scratch as well as all the texture files X_X I know I suck at 3D xD I have no idea how to make an MMD model from this but whatever it probably can't be done since I don't think I did the body correctly so just be content with watching the picture xD. If any of you know or care e-mail me and I can send you the .mqo file or something. Also I translated the text file that came with the original model (with google ^^;) and if it's not mistaken it said it was free to modify as long as it's not commercial use so if I'm wrong please let me know and I'll take this down ^^; But like I said I did this purely for fun and to see


Ok so it's not quite October yet but it will be tomorow xD. Halloween tricotrí Dame chavos no maní No te escondas que te vi En la casa del coquí Translation: "Halloween trick or treat Give me money not candy Don't hide because I already saw you In the house of the coquí" Some little song kids sing when they go out trick or treating here. Hmmm I wonder... It's already October which means this is my last month of the trimester and things might get hectic with the schoolwork but at the same time I want to work on trying to make some UTAUloids sing that song at least before the month is over :O. Granted it'll probably just be Siena, Camila and their genderbends considering they are the only completed Puerto Rican UTAUloids I know. However if Rei and Hanaka Itsu are finished I might try to include them to make it seem like a lot of kids are chanting it xD. I don't even know where to start, it's a short song and I dunno if to give it some bg music since

Camilo x Celestine

I put the song together a while back but no picture to go with it. Thank you BlueValkyrie for the sketch and coloring (I only inked it badly orz). So you see Camila and Camilo are still around singing even if I'm not willing and able ^^; Yume miru kotori CxC by ~ BlueValkyrie on deviant ART On another note, Camilo and Celestine sing this song with other oversea UTAU :D


This thing should have the awesome smiley 8D I think it was based on the Gaia icon maybe xD Anyways thank you so much to the person who drew this (I believe the author name is on the embed) :3

Alice Human Sacrifice with Oversea UTAUs!

【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU海外音源】絵本人柱アリス【カバー】 Such wonderful videos like this give me strength! It's all UTAUs of people I know! So happy! 8D It's amazing the things you find by chance ^.^


I guess I have very low morale or something but a lot of things are piling up. I got sick so I neglected school a bit, now gotta go catch up. Also as a result I've been kinda down and it doesnt help some jerk comes and insult Oversea UTAU makers (though they referred to all as American it's still annoying anyway). Let's see, I won't delete the videos that are already up (unless youtube comes and persecutes everyone lol) but I don't think I'm in the mood to make anymore UTAU videos, at least not at the moment, or even post to nico. I guess I can still help so let me know if you want help. I really wanted to help UTAU makers to avoid things like this but I guess some people just dont care and do a half baked job...that's not really fair because then they lump everyone together and insult everyone even though I know with a little more work everyone can produce a decent UTAUloid and avoid this kind of humiliation. I don't know make more reasearch before


Tried making Camila sing in English again... maybe it was a fail xD

Crisis averted

It seems 4shared is back online but I'll still keep the mediafire download active just in case. On another note, a friend of mine said he saw someone cosplay as Camila on NDK but his camera ate the pictures or something xD If you have a picture or know the person who cosplayed (unless he is pulling my leg lol) let me know please I'd like to see :3 e-mail's on the profile page (I need some sunshine on this cloudy day T_T) Also to those who I owe drawings (like 3 or 5 I have to finish orz) I'm sorry it's taken so long. I've been studying (for a test I think I failed due to a stupid mistake I made even though I knew how to do everything! T_T) and in the free time I find I open the program but I can't just continue T_T I hate getting art blocks I really do and in moments like this I can only sketch crappy stuff but never really finish anything. I'm sorry but I will try to finish when I get the willingness to finish anything. Also if you see that I finish

Download Host Problem

It seems 4shared has been hacked or something (gasp) :S So I put Camila's latest voicebank download with mediafire as an alternate download. If you want to download her you can download her here Camila Melodia (act1 ver.1.5).zip . Sorry for the inconvenience but I won't upload the rest of the stuff unless it takes too long for 4shared to get their act together. I did however re-upload the nantokaki characters for Camila and Camilo to mediafire. I guess I'll stick to uploading there for now. But you'll have to wait for the mp3s.


I was watching the UTAU Rankings which btw was awesome that Zanda was in the main picture :D and then I happened across the video that placed #14 BECAUSE CAMILO WAS CLEARLY THERE!!!!! xD LOOK AT IT!!!!!!! Not just Camilo, Ayame is there too and so is BlytheYasashi! he's there he's there xD and I think I saw Danilo Kotone too!! So keep an eye out! Maybe your UTAUloid is there too ^^ (or their genderbend because for some reason I mostly see guys xD) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】UTAU節【かれーそうめんず&UTAU男性?オールスター】 On another note, a friend of mine launched her UTAU Celestine Aoi. The link to her blog is on the right with the affiliates. The reason why I post this is so that starting now we begin support of Celestine x Camilo because she loves him plus it was her birthday recently! (sept 3 two days after mine!) Happy Birthday Celestine by ~ yesi-chan on deviant ART

Camila won't sing for you? I think I found a fix!

Try downloading this version Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.5b).zip What's different? Well her voicebank is really big and has over 500 samples so I subdivided her voicebank. You don't have to extract the files from the other folders just leave it as it is. Each subfolder has its own oto.ini file and I've tested it and so far everything works fine on my computer (but the other version worked too so I need feedback) Please try it out, I hope it works for you. I read somewhere that someone had problems with the oto.ini files when they were too big so I had the idea to cut it in parts because of Tony Yonné and ÑAL's voicebanks. Happy song making!!!

Camila's first and probably only Original Song

First time I "compose" a song (if you want to call it that cuz I think I just threw things together lol)

Camila sing Toeto in English and Camilo sings in Japanese

UTAU works in Windows 7!!! Horray xD 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】トエト(Toeto English Dub)【Camila Melodía】 Camilos first Japanese solo :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】僕は灰猫 【Camilo Adagio】 Also because I deleted Camilos first song from youtube for a number of reasons including that I thought it sucked here's Camilo singing Toeto in Spanish (or trying xD) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】トエト(Toeto Spanish Dub)【Camilo Adagio】

Do you have a technical problem with Camila's voicebank?

Ok I've had people tell me before they have troubles making Camila sing but it turns out it's the program UTAU in general which is causing the problem because none of the other voicebanks they use seem to sing either. However, I saw in a blog of someone who has used Camila before that apparently they can't make Camila sing, yet all the other voicebanks they have do work. Now I'm not sure if I mistundersood (used Google and Babelfish translators to try to figure out what it said and I DO NOT speak any Japanese orz) but if anyone else has this problem I'd want to know and see if we can figure out what is causing the problem. I wasn't going to post her latest version yet but if it can fix the problem it might be worth a try. You can download that latest version here . If the newer version is the one causing the problems, you can download one of the older versions here . Please feel free to discuss the problem in this post as comments and if you want to contact

Busy Season Starts :(

Well school starts now orz. So expect to see a lack of updates if I get too busy in school. This is my last year in college so it's very important that I concentrate especially since this year I have to work on a very important last project. For those who do UTAU, if you want to make Camila sing please do ^^ and let me know! I'll make sure to check in when I can :D and if I can I'll try to work on more songs ^^. If you want to contact me, look at the profile at the side.

Camila and Camilo in Rip Sync

Before I actually get really busy I decided to try out Rip Sync with Camilo (I had already succesfully created a simple Camila model but I wanted to make Camilo sing xD) so you can download them both here . So you can see cute little Camilo sing here Made another video in which Camilo is singing with ÑAL (mianaito's voicebank and you can download him at the Eccentri-City link in the affiliates section) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Greensleeves【ÑAL and Camilo Adagio】

Camila Character style xD

So I knew about the style all the UTAUloids are made in when they sing using Rip Sync but I had no idea that was due to a program xD When I found out about the program Character (which you can download here ) I decided to try to figure it out and see if I could make Camila with it because the one that was done for this video *points down* just doesnt cut it for me xD (though I'm very happy they made Camila sing in nico again :D) Just look how cute she looks now :D (Now if only I could figure out how to make it work with Rip Sync :'D) Added an accessory as the hair that covers her right eye :D (It's all in Camila's set) And here's Camilo too :D

【UTAU】UTAUloidの秘密はいかが?【Camila, Ayame, Yuki, Kenta, Anaka, Siena】

So many UTAUloids together you can't tell who is who when singing lol 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】UTAUloidの秘密はいかが?【Camila, Ayame, Yuki, Kenta, Anaka, Siena】 On another note, SkyIsland made Camila sing Palette (an original Luka song... I think xD) and yeah Picutre by me xD 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Palette【Camila Melodía】

Kenta and Danilo sing Tori no Uta

So it's not Camila singing this time but I thought I'd post other stuff I work on too :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】 鳥の詩【地ク音ケンタx Danilo Kotone】

Camila's VoiceBank Download (Old Versions Links)

I'll just post the link to the previous versions here so that the side doesn't get too crowded with stuff. I update her too much orz and I kinda rushed on this big update because I wont be available for a while but hopefully I won't decide to update anymore for a whiiiiile (lol you guys must hate me now xD) Please download the latest version which you can see on the side.---> I just want to keep these old versions just in case. Please remember if you download her and use it, if you can please let me know :D I like to see what people make her sing ^^. Also keep it tasteful! I really don't want her singing anything offensive or distasteful. Any version previous to 1.3 only works with any version of UTAU previous to 2.46. All others work with the newer versions of UTAU. Please download the latest voicebank from the download section ---> Previous version: Camila Melodia Lucid - (CV & Spanish) Mediafire MIRROR Camila Melodia

Linaria Chapter 2 ~First PV!!!!

A collaborative effor between Th3SilentOn3 , BlueValkyrie and me! 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】リナリア - 第二章 - 【園生菖蒲・CamilaMelodia】・PV

Camila's Voice Bank Update

New update! Ok maybe I'm too fast with the updates but I fixed a few things and deleted some redundant syllables. I re-recorded a few files that were annoying, and some that needed fixing. Also fixed the oto.ini for these files as well as some that needed some fixing. If I do fix up the oto.ini file I'll only upload it if it's very necesary and I only upload new voicebank if I re-record files. You can download the new voicebank here: Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.3).zip Oh by the way, If any of you are having trouble making her sing (that she sounds kinda broken) the problem might be that you need to download something with visual basic or something like that (I suggest you put the UTAU page through google translator to make your way around it and you might actually be able to fix the problem) I'm not exactly sure how it's done considering I never had that problem, but I know someone who did and that's how they fixed it! Well have fun! Something extra!!! Look at

Camila and Kotodama duet

This was fun, hard but fun xD I wanted it to sound good and not just half assed (you know like my other spanish or english songs? lol) also the ust is there for download. The zip has a password but like it says it's very easy to figure out, it's in the title ;D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Phantom of the Opera オペラ座の怪人(Spanish) 【CamilaMelodia x コトダマ】

Dreaming Little Bird (Dream come true xD)

I always wanted to do this song! so I was finally able to with help from friends and fellow UTAU users :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU 】夢みることり (Dreaming Little Bird) 【Yuki, Ayame, Camila, Danilo and Anaka 】

Nico users use Camila!

This is so exciting xD she is in a chorus with other utau singing Canon a song I love so much and always makes me cry lol 【ニコニコ動画】【全部UTAU】パッヘルベルのカノン and in a talkloid unfortunitely I understand nothing! xD 【ニコニコ動画】Camila&Camiloさんに日本語で喋ってもらった(自己紹介編) a bunch of non-Japanese UTAUs singing amazing grace :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】海外組音源聴き比べ another ^.^ 【ニコニコ動画】【全部UTAU】うちのUTAU総出で三曲に挑んでみた Thank you everyone for your support!

Camila sings Melt

I have to thank both annamaeblythe and Nickolyna for making Camila sing with their UTAU really thank you so much they sound great together ^^ And here are the videos! by Nickolyna 【ニコニコ動画】(UTAU) メルト: Camila Melodia x リッパ リカイ by annamaeblythe

First song with her new style :D

Camila sings Romeo and Cinderella to show off her new hairstyle :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】 ロミオとシンデレラ (Romeo and Cinderella) 【CamilaMelodia】

Camila's Design Revised

When I drew Camila for the first time I just drew whatever came to mind. I didn't look at any pictures or anything. I just remembered some shoes my sister wore one time that I liked (but would never wear myself xD) and decided I wanted to draw a woman with a very fashionable style and still incorporate the things I like best. Things like ribbons and bows and braided hair because ever since I saw Tomoyo Daidouji with a braid in that one CardCaptor Sakura episode I always liked how braids look in anime style xD And that is how Camila's design was created however I hadn't noticed until now (yes I am that out there that I don't notice things so quickly sometimes yet other times I notice even the simplest of details) that the whole braided style with a bow looks so much like Sekka Yufu so naturally I paniked and decided to change Camila's hairstyle. I didn't want to change it completely because I liked how it looked and of course I didn't want to take away the w

Camila sings again ^^

A friend of mine made Camila sing a song from Tales of Legendia. I think she sounds cute thank you very much aoicelestine :D

Camila's voicebank Edit

New edit ver 1.2 Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.2).zip Added a few more syllables for the Spanish and English languages and included the fixed oto.ini. This is probably the last edit I'll do of her bank so don't wait up for more. If I get in the mood maybe I'll fix her more or add syllables or something but at the moment I don't feel like it. So that's it. Make her sing if you want to and if you do you can let me know through my youtube account ^^.

Camila and Camilo's first duet

First time he sings in Japanese too and isn't it great that the song is Cendrillon? :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】サンドリヨン【CamilaMelodia ・CamiloAdagio】

Small Change in Camila's voice bank.

I noticed when making a new song that there was a mistake in Camila's oto.ini file. It is such a small mistake that it would really be too much to spend another half hour uploading her voicebank again so all you have to do is download the oto.ini file here: Camila's oto.ini and replace that in her folder. It only replaces the hiragana for the "ti" syllable with with ti.wav=てぃ,39,108,705,12,0 If there are any major changes I will upload the voice bank again.

Camilo Adagio's debut (Camila at g+15)

This was the first day I made Camilo sing, unfortunitely I deleted the video for a number of reasons, including that I didn't like how it sounded very much either ^^;. Camilo is Camila at g+15. Also his picture can be seen here .

Camila Voicebank update

You can download the updated version here: Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.1).zip So I finally finished the oto.ini file for Camila's voicebank. It seems I had missed some of the Japanese syllables in the oto.ini file but now all are finished including the extra ones I recorded for the English and Spanish "functionality". Remember that to get her to sing in either of those languages it still requires more work than Japanese. Also her readme file says a few more things about the syllables in the voicebank. I re-recorded the za/ze/zi/zo/zu syllables although I don't think I did such a good job :( but I tried. Since this is still act1 I didn't re-record some of the syllables that have a little troubles but I might eventually. [EDIT] I apologize for the inconvenience but it's such a minor thing that I really don't want to wait around for an hour uploading the bank again. There is a mistake in the hiragana for the "ti" syllable. Just open the oto.ini

Camila in another Duet :D [siGrE]

This time Th3Silenton3, voice for Ensei Ayame put the song together and I drew the cover. [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】siGrE【園生菖蒲・CamilaMelodia】

Camila Sings The World is Mine

[NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】ワールドイズマイン【CamilaMelodia】

Camila's first duet :D

I like how she sounds with Ensei Ayame.  He might have a few things to work out but I like his voice overall and once he's finished I'm sure Ayame will sound awesome! [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU】MAGNET【園生菖蒲・Camila Melodia】

Camila sings with other UTAUs!

The first video that someone other than me made with Camila and she sings with more people! I feel included now xD [NICO NICO DOUGA]Another side of Cendrillon【園生菖蒲・Blytheあなか・初音ミク ・CamilaMelodia】

Camila Melodía Act 1 Released!

For all of you UTAU fans! Finally, her voicebank is released.  All of the suggested hiragana syllables are recorded as well as a lot of syllables that might be useful for other languages such as English and Spanish.  I consider that at the moment, the oto.ini file is fully complete for the Japanese language however not all of the frq files are generated for the other syllables.  As I complete more songs with her, the voicebank will be more completed and maybe more syllables are added. Song Examples Japanese: English: Spanish: