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Camila won't sing for you? I think I found a fix!

Try downloading this version Camila Melodia(act1 ver1.5b).zip What's different? Well her voicebank is really big and has over 500 samples so I subdivided her voicebank. You don't have to extract the files from the other folders just leave it as it is. Each subfolder has its own oto.ini file and I've tested it and so far everything works fine on my computer (but the other version worked too so I need feedback) Please try it out, I hope it works for you. I read somewhere that someone had problems with the oto.ini files when they were too big so I had the idea to cut it in parts because of Tony Yonné and ÑAL's voicebanks. Happy song making!!!

Camila's first and probably only Original Song

First time I "compose" a song (if you want to call it that cuz I think I just threw things together lol)

Camila sing Toeto in English and Camilo sings in Japanese

UTAU works in Windows 7!!! Horray xD 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】トエト(Toeto English Dub)【Camila Melodía】 Camilos first Japanese solo :D 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】僕は灰猫 【Camilo Adagio】 Also because I deleted Camilos first song from youtube for a number of reasons including that I thought it sucked here's Camilo singing Toeto in Spanish (or trying xD) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】トエト(Toeto Spanish Dub)【Camilo Adagio】

Do you have a technical problem with Camila's voicebank?

Ok I've had people tell me before they have troubles making Camila sing but it turns out it's the program UTAU in general which is causing the problem because none of the other voicebanks they use seem to sing either. However, I saw in a blog of someone who has used Camila before that apparently they can't make Camila sing, yet all the other voicebanks they have do work. Now I'm not sure if I mistundersood (used Google and Babelfish translators to try to figure out what it said and I DO NOT speak any Japanese orz) but if anyone else has this problem I'd want to know and see if we can figure out what is causing the problem. I wasn't going to post her latest version yet but if it can fix the problem it might be worth a try. You can download that latest version here . If the newer version is the one causing the problems, you can download one of the older versions here . Please feel free to discuss the problem in this post as comments and if you want to contact

Busy Season Starts :(

Well school starts now orz. So expect to see a lack of updates if I get too busy in school. This is my last year in college so it's very important that I concentrate especially since this year I have to work on a very important last project. For those who do UTAU, if you want to make Camila sing please do ^^ and let me know! I'll make sure to check in when I can :D and if I can I'll try to work on more songs ^^. If you want to contact me, look at the profile at the side.

Camila and Camilo in Rip Sync

Before I actually get really busy I decided to try out Rip Sync with Camilo (I had already succesfully created a simple Camila model but I wanted to make Camilo sing xD) so you can download them both here . So you can see cute little Camilo sing here Made another video in which Camilo is singing with ÑAL (mianaito's voicebank and you can download him at the Eccentri-City link in the affiliates section) 【ニコニコ動画】【UTAU】Greensleeves【ÑAL and Camilo Adagio】

Camila Character style xD

So I knew about the style all the UTAUloids are made in when they sing using Rip Sync but I had no idea that was due to a program xD When I found out about the program Character (which you can download here ) I decided to try to figure it out and see if I could make Camila with it because the one that was done for this video *points down* just doesnt cut it for me xD (though I'm very happy they made Camila sing in nico again :D) Just look how cute she looks now :D (Now if only I could figure out how to make it work with Rip Sync :'D) Added an accessory as the hair that covers her right eye :D (It's all in Camila's set) And here's Camilo too :D