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Something that might be helpful

ok first of all I just want to say that I made custom rip sync models for Yoru, Aele and Yue. I might make more and if I do you'll find them all here. You can also find Camila's custom made model as well as the nantokaki ones for Camila and Camilo. Also I wanted to share something I found out with UTAU. I'm not sure if this works for everyone but I found out that you don't need a vcv(triphones) to cv(regular voicebank) plugin to change the lyrics from vcv to cv in UTAU. All you have to do is select all then go to Tools > Built in Tools > Suffix Broker. Then on that window check the box that says Remove Prefix and click okay. That should get rid of the vowels and the "-"'s. But remember you still have to reset the pre-utter and overlap on the note properties but I trust you know how to do that. If you don't feel free to comment asking and I'll explain later but I have to go now so I can't keep writing xD Well hope this was helpful!

Happy Birthday Camila!

Well exactly one year ago today I released Camila Melodía to the public! I'm so glad that many people have liked her enough to make her sing and draw her ^^ Thank you all for your support and thanks all of those who remembered her birthday! Sadly I have nothing prepared for her myself thanks to school (I finish all of my college classes today!) That and I got distracted with other things xD But it's okay, I'll continue to make Camila sing whenever I have free time and if I can make more original songs I'll try to! :D Thank you all so much for everything! Now here look at this wonderful picture lostempty drew for Camila's birthday!

Presenting Sofi!

I know what you're thinking...NOT ANOTHER UTAU!!! But I need to have my fun xD I'm graduating from college now so to celebrate here's Sofi! I also have to make the most of the free time I currently have because I might enter the work force soon and I don't know how that will cut down on my free time ^^; For now please enjoy Sofi or someone put it Camila on Helium xD I dunno don't care Sofi was fun!

Camila and Yue bringing Latin flavor to UTAU :D

I'm having fun making original songs, it's not easy but when I make them from personal experiences (like stress from school) and messages I want to convey to friends (wish on a star) the lyrics just sort of flow! I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed making it! [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU Camila Melodía and 流星ユエ】Dolor de Cabeza (Headache)【オリジナル】

Wish on a Star - Hoshine Stella Original

I composed a song for Stella about wishes and stars xD hope you enjoy it! And here continues my "career" as YesiP :D [NICO NICO DOUGA]【UTAU 星音ステラ】Wish on a Star【オリジナル】